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MIFRAM LTD. 6 Levy Yosef, KIRYAT BIALIK 2751106 Established: 1962
Security Division
Mifram has specialized in weaving simple and efficient solutions for protection and security systems.
Our company applies state-of-the-art technology to design, develop and manufacture:
* Bullet proof watch towers, observation structures and combat positions.
* Bullet proof and NBC protected guard posts and bullet proof blast barriers.
* Barrier gates and special protection projects, Police posts for road intersections, Road blocks and barricades, bullet proof and NBC protected mobile shelters and containers, advanced bridging solutions
* RM - a modular indoor protection solution.
* Mifram is classified as an unlimited volume authorized contractor on behalf in the contractors and Builders' Registrar, the Ministry of Defense, and other local and national government offices.
Projects Division
* Plant design, erection and expansion, especially of turnkey and/or N.A.T.R.A basis.
* Civil engineering projects.
* Preformed steel structures
* Dry storage systems and dehumidified storage buildings
* Relocate manufacturing plants, complete with machinery and equipment.
* Manufacture steel and stainless steel process equipment.
* Design, manufacture and erection of conveying systems, equipment and special handling systems.
* Real estate entrepreneur erecting housing projects and modern apartment buildings.
Agricultural & Construction equipment Division
Mifram is the sole distributor of the following equipment:
* John Deere agriculture tractors & equipment including a large variety of products: Agricultural tractors, sprayers. Combines, seedbed tillage, box drills etc.
* John Deere Construction equipment.
* DAEWOO's heavy equipment and earth Movers.
We operate a large scale service and after sales support which contain authorized workshop,service vans, spare part and training.
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