1. Introduction

    1. Welcome to the Internet Business Guide of Dun & Bradstreet (Israel) Ltd., the Dunsguide (hereinafter respectively - the "Site" and the "Company"). The Site provides information on hundreds of thousands of corporations and businesses in Israel. Alongside the basic contact particulars of the business enterprise, the Site also displays business information that could assist decision-makers when examining the possibility of business engagement with the enterprise.
    2. In addition, the Site constitutes an advanced Internet platform, providing exposure for enterprises advertising there among local consumers and the business target public in Israel and abroad.
    3. The use of and/or visit to the Site are subject to the provisions and terms appearing in this document and/or in other content on the Site itself ("Usage Terms"), which apply, unconditionally, to every user or visitor to the Site (the "User/s").
    4. Accordingly, you are requested to read the Usage Terms carefully. To the extent you do not agree with the Usage Terms of the Site, you may not make use of it. Each entry into or use of the Site constitutes evidence that you have read and agreed to the Usage Terms of the Site, without restriction or reservation.
    5. The Usage Terms for the Site are intended for both women and men, and the use of the masculine gender is for the sake of convenience only.
    6. The Company has the right, at all times, to alter the Usage Terms of the Site by updating this document, and such change will bind the users of the Site in all respects as soon as the amended Usage Terms are published on the Site.
    7. The Company has the right, at all times, without giving notice thereof and at its exclusive discretion, to discontinue or suspend the operation of the Site, partly or totally, or to amend or alter its character and content. Furthermore, the Company invests reasonable efforts in order to assure the maintenance and availability of the Site and its content, however, despite the Company's efforts, the operation of the Site might be permanently or temporarily disrupted, discontinued, suspended or delayed, due to causes or events that are out of the Company's control or wishes.
    8. Remember, upon creating an account, the User will be fully responsible for any transaction effected in your account, even if you lose your User particulars and/or your password, and even if a third party makes use of them without express authorization on your part.
    9. For your information, the Company relies on advanced protection mechanisms to secure the information on the Site. Penetration into the computer systems of the Site or the Company constitutes a criminal offense under Israeli law. At the same time, the Company cannot guarantee absolute immunity from penetrations into its computers, exposure of information or malfunctions and disruptions of the operation of the computer systems serving the Site, and you may make no complaint and/or protest on this matter.
  2. Creating and Using a User Account on the Site

    1. In order to enable secure access to part of the content and/or services provided on the Site, you may be asked to create for yourself a user account by filling in particulars on the Site and selecting a user name and password. Alternatively, to the extent you are a business client of the Company, you may have received a user name and password from the Company.
    2. Please note, in order to maintain the security of the information on the Site, you are required not to give your password and/or user name to any third party, and to report to the Company on any case of unauthorized use and/or loss of these particulars. Furthermore, you undertake not to use the password or user name of anyone else.
    3. Remember, upon creation of the user account on the Site, you are fully responsible for any action executed under your account, even if you have lost the particulars of your user name and/or password, and even if any third party makes use of them without your express authorization.
    4. You hereby declare that all particulars given by you to the Company upon creating the user account on the Site and/or upon any other purchase on the Site and/or whenever you give your particulars to the Company for the purpose of purchasing a service or product - are correct, full and up-to-date. Giving false registration particulars constitutes a criminal offense, and the Company reserves its right to take legal action against you with respect to any damage that may be caused to the Company, directly or indirectly, as a consequence.
    5. The Company has the right, at its exclusive discretion, to block the access of a certain user to services provided by means of the Site, in cases of suspicion of contravention of the law and/or breach of the Usage Terms of the Site and/or in cases of disruption of the normal operation of the Site.
  3. General Terms for the Purchase of Products and Services Via the Site

    1. Please note, in the event you purchase products or services on the Site, then in addition to the general Usage Terms of the Site, specific terms for the purchase of the service, if any, will also apply. Furthermore, in the case of a contradiction between the provisions stipulated in the specific usage terms and the provisions of these Usage Terms, the usage terms stipulated in the specific agreement will apply.
    2. On the Site, the Company offers from time to time a range of offers, products and services (hereinafter - the "Offers"). It is clarified that the validity of these Offers is as set forth in the terms of each Offer, and the Company reserves for itself the exclusive right to remove and/or alter immediately any Offer and/or tariffs set forth or found on the Site, without giving any advance notice thereof.
    3. The prices displayed on the Site do not include V.A.T., as applicable at the time of placing the order.
    4. Purchases and orders of services via the Site may be made only by persons aged 18 years or more, owning an active e-mail account, who are Israeli citizens (holding a valid I.D. number) with a valid credit card issued in Israel.
    5. A pre-condition for any order taking effect is receipt of the credit card company's approval for charging the card with respect to the order of the service.
    6. Subject to the provisions of the law, as of the date of the Company's approval of execution of the order, you will be charged the full cost of the transaction for the purchase you have made, including costs of handling the order.
    7. The date of receipt of the order as recorded in the Company's computers is the effective date in all respects, and the Company's records will constitute conclusive evidence in this matter.
    8. Provision of the service ordered on the Site will be as specified in the terms of the order. For the removal of doubt, the number of days calculated for supply of the service will be based on business days only.
  4. Links and Information Displayed on the Site

    1. The Site displays information concerning various business enterprises, and it can also offer links, hyper-links or banners to other Sites, service content, advertisements and the like displayed on the Site which were given to the Company by third parties and displayed on the Site as is ("Links and Advertisements"). The Company does not supervise or examine the Links and Advertisements, or the reliability and legality thereof or anything connected with their security and the policy for the protection of their privacy. Accordingly, the Company will not bear any liability, of any kind whatsoever, in connection with intellectual property rights or any third party rights with respect to the Links and Advertisements, the content published in them or on any other site linked to them or to the Site.
    2. The Company will not be responsible for the use made by Users of links to the Site, pages that are not on the Site or other sites, and the Users undertake to obey and comply with the instructions and terms of those sites or Internet pages and to contact directly the operators of those sites or pages in connection with any issue that may arise as a consequence of entering, browsing or using them.
    3. It is important to clarify that the information concerning the various business enterprises appearing on the Site is obtained from the enterprises themselves or third parties, and it appears on the Site as is. Accordingly, the Company and anyone on its behalf do not and will not bear any liability in connection with the said information, the correctness or reliability thereof.
    4. "credibility mark" (for further information regarding the credibility mark please click here) is awarded by DB in a professional and objective manner, only to part of the businesses that are presented in the Website, and is based on the professional assessments of DB as part of a unique model that DB developed.
      It is clarified that the credibility mark is a true reflection of the state of things as at the date of examination on the website. We therefore recommend that the website be reviewed again in the future in order to verify that the business still has DB’s credibility mark. It is further clarified that DB shall be entitled not to award a credibility mark to a business presented in the website and/or cancel and/or change the type of the credibility mark that is awarded to a business (to the extent awarded), and update at any time and at its sole discretion the parameters DB applies in connection with the awarding of the credibility mark, including the weight assigned to each parameter and the method DB applies for the purpose of awarding the credibility mark.
    5. By making use of the Site you hereby confirm that the information found on the Site concerning a particular enterprise, including the Seal of Reliability (hereinafter - the "Information"), constitutes only one of the factors supporting decisions on matters of credit, purchase, marketing, insurance or any other business activity, whether or not for the purpose of making a profit, whether with a business entity or any other entity, and that in making the said decisions you will not rely only on the Information. In any case, you are advised to make independent examinations prior to taking any decision on whether to engage with a particular business enterprise.
    6. You are aware that any decision made on any of the matters listed above entails a certain risk and that in any case, by displaying the Information on the Site the Company does not and cannot assume the risks involved in making such decisions to be executed by you.
  5. Privacy

    1. The Company respects the privacy of every person visiting the Site. The privacy preservation policy set forth below relates to the type of Information which the Company will have the right to collect, as well as the method and purpose of processing such Information. This policy of the Company will also instruct and guide the Users of the Site on how to act in the event they do not wish to have their personal particulars collected or transferred to others in connection with their visit to the Site.
    2. The Company has the right to manage a data base and to process all data from the identifying particulars of the Users of the Site (such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and the like) (hereinafter - "Personal Information" or "Personal Particulars") which come into its possession or knowledge by means of the use of the Site and/or are given to it by the Users voluntarily. The Company warrants that to the extent it will have such data base, the use and manner of management thereof will be for any purpose pursuant to the Company's business activity and as provided in the laws of the State of Israel prevailing with respect to that matter.
    3. A User of the Site who has agreed to the terms described above with respect to collection, storage and processing of his personal particulars as provided herein, may exercise any right reserved for him pursuant to the privacy protection laws prevailing in Israel. A User interested in exercising such right, may do so by means of a written application or by sending an e-mail message to the Company at the address: [email protected].
  6. Liability

    1. It is clarified that the Company's responsibility with respect to the services provided on the Site will comply with the terms of engagement of each service.
    2. The services on the Site may be used as is. The Company does not guarantee that the service on the Site will be provided in orderly fashion without interruption and will be immune to unauthorized access to the Company's computers or to damage, breakdowns or malfunctions.
    3. The use of the Site will be on the exclusive responsibility of the Users. You are aware that the Company relies on third parties to obtain all or some of the Information. Therefore, when making use of the Site you hereby waive any complaint, claim or demand vis-à-vis the Company and/or anyone on its behalf with respect to the characteristics of the Site and the content offered therein, the availability, capability, limitation thereof or their suitability to your needs and requirements.
    4. Users of the Site hereby exempt the Company and/or anyone on its behalf absolutely, finally and irrevocably from any liability whatsoever for any damage, deficit, loss or expense, of any sort or kind whatsoever, caused and/or to be caused as a consequence of the use of the Site and/or reliance on the Information and/or any action or omission by the Company.
    5. You undertake to indemnify and compensate the Company with respect to any damage that may be caused to the Company due to any action or omission by you in connection with your use of the Site, immediately upon the Company's first demand.
  7. Intellectual Property

    1. All intellectual property rights in the Site and the content thereof, including texts, materials, applications, graphic design, codes, pictures, paging, trademarks, copyright, commercial secrets and content services are solely the exclusive property of the Company, or of the third parties from whom the Company received lawful usage license. The content, information or services contained and/or offered on the Site and/or on any part thereof may not be copied, reproduced, distributed, sold, marketed, altered, transmitted, displayed for execution in public, made available to the public, translated or used in any other way without obtaining the Company's express prior written permission, and subject to the terms of such authorization, if any.
    2. Nothing in the Site or stated therein, express or implied, by virtue of estoppel or otherwise, will constitute a license or right to use the trade marks appearing on the Site without the Company’s written consent.
    3. The Company hereby clarifies that the use and operation of "robots" (software of any kind and/or sort whatsoever), the purpose of which is to collect all or some of the Information displayed on the Site, and/or whose purpose is different from that stated above, is absolutely forbidden and that the operators of such robots will be liable for any damage that may be caused to the Company with respect to and/or in connection with the use of such robots. Users of the robots will be obligated to indemnify and compensate the Company immediately upon its first demand, for any damage incurred by the Company as aforesaid.
  8. Jurisdiction

      The terms and provisions set forth in the Usage Terms, including any change or amendment thereof, as well as the use of the Site, are all subject to the laws of the State of Israel. Any case of discrepancy or dispute that might arise in connection with the use of the Site will be heard and clarified before the competent courts of the city of Tel Aviv - Yaffo.