Established 1984

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Alphex Ltd.

Hebrew Name

אלפקס יצוא ושיווק (1984) בע"מ

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2 Yozma, TIRAT CARMEL 3903202

The company Alphex Ltd. is a leading importer and marketer (since 1984), of tiles for cladding and flooring (for interior and exterior design), tiles for cladding building facades, internal flooring and wall cladding of public areas, anti-slip tiles for wet surfaces, for institutional buildings and projects in healthcare, education, commercial buildings, industry, infrastructure and sports.

The wide product portfolio of Alphex is intended to give a combined response of planning and designing the public areas, as mentioned above, along with supplying technical solutions according to different standards and requirements for different uses, in public construction, institutional buildings, in the industry, in infrastructure facilities, security and armyfacilities, public transportation and  all other uses of heavy passenger and cargo traffic, and safe access options for people with disabilities in these areas. Alphex relies on a reputation of many millions of square meters of cladding and flooring, in a very wide range of projects like: universities and schools, hospitals and medical centers and clinics, government offices, commercial and shopping centers, railway stations, bus stations and airports, military facilities and the ministry of defense's facilities, as well as for industrial plants of different areas (food, chemical and high-tech), gyms and health centers, county clubs and swimming pools and also any additional project that requires a substantial supply of tiles, that provide an elegant look as well as functionality, safety, durability and accessibility to the public.

In 2017 the company Alphex won "The Green Building Award" from "the Israeli Green Building Council" in the category "innovation" to the "Kir Amir" building process, green industrial construction. "Kir Amir" is an industrial building process to construct a building envelope that combines high energy efficiency with rigid cladding for long environmental sustainability, according to the new Israeli standard 6560.

The customer base of the company includes clients from all of Israel and from the Palestinian Authority, as well as clients from a number of countries in Eastern Europe and Central Africa.

The company's reputation relies on its ability to import, distribute and provide technical professional services and first-rate professional support to all of its customers.

Alphex company will always welcome suggestions for new materials, that are compatible with its areas of activity.

Fields of Activity

  • construction materials
  • Floor Tiles
  • Floor coverings
  • Industrial Flooring
  • Construction inputs
  • Prefabricated Building
  • green building


  • Tile, ceramic
  • Wall coverings
  • Construction materials
  • Floor coverings
  • Marketing of wall covering products
  • Front cladding
  • Industrial Flooring
  • Prefabricated Building
  • green building

Executives working in ALPHEX MARKETING & EXPORT (1984) LTD.

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Amir Awin

More Information
Photo of Company Manager

Dov Orenstein

Sales and Marketing Manager
Photo of Company Manager

Naor Koldaro

Sales Manager
Photo of Company Manager

Eran Groch

Sales Manager
Photo of Company Manager

Orly Agassi

Director of Marketing
Photo of Company Manager

Ricky Tsafania

Office and Administration Manager

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Company Registration Number 511043291


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