Established 1984

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Alphex Ltd.

Hebrew Name

אלפקס יצוא ושיווק (1984) בע"מ

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[email protected]
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2 Yozma, TIRAT CARMEL 3903202

Alphex Ltd., is a long established (since 1984) importing and distributing company, specializing in the "Building-Projects-Market", suppliers of Exterior and Interior Cladding and Flooring Ceramic tiles: tiles for the exterior facades, exterior paving, interior flooring and wall covering in the public areas, wet areas, in the Institutional, Commercial, and Industrial building projects. The range of products handled, include all types and sizes, from small mosaic tiles to the largest and advanced sizes available in ceramic tiles, for above purposes, as well as variety of accessibility warning and guiding items for the disabled in the public areas. Our many Millions of square meters supplied during the years to: universities and schools, hospitals and other health institutes, government offices, commercial and shopping areas, transportation terminals for: buses, trains, airports, etc., army camps and industrial plants for the: Food, Chemistry and High-Tech, as well as sport-sites, country-Clubs and swimming-pools, fitness and health centers, and all other projects where Heavy-Duty tiles are required for elegant and perfect use in the public areas, complying all norms for strength, slip-resistance, and accessibility for disabled users. Our client-base covers domestic nationwide and Palestinians territories, as well as wide operations in several East-European and Central-African countries. Our long reputation is based on our ability of importing, distributing and providing a perfect technical and professional marketing and Technical support and services to our wide customers-base. On 2017 we achieved the "2017 innovation of the year" award for "KIR AMIR" – a new Prefabricated Green-Building Method, which already attracts domestic and overseas wide interest.

We shall always warmly welcome all offers for new materials, suitable for our lines of operation.

Fields of Activity

  • construction materials
  • Floor Tiles
  • Floor coverings
  • Industrial Flooring
  • Construction inputs
  • Prefabricated Building
  • green building


  • Tile, ceramic
  • Wall coverings
  • Construction materials
  • Floor coverings
  • Marketing of wall covering products
  • Front cladding
  • Industrial Flooring
  • Prefabricated Building
  • green building

Executives working in ALPHEX MARKETING & EXPORT (1984) LTD.

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Amir Awin

More Information
Photo of Company Manager

Dov Orenstein

Marketing Manager
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Naor Koldaro

Sales Manager
Photo of Company Manager

Meital Tochma


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Company Registration Number 511043291


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