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Established 1978

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צבי יעקובוביץ, משרד עורכי דין ונוטריון

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Zvi Yakubovitz, Law Office and Notary

Zvi Yakubovitz, Law Firm and Notary is considered today to be one of Israel’s leading tort, insurance, medical malpractice and civil litigation firms, and as such it offers services to a very broad clientele. The firm, which was founded in 1978 and is also renowned as one Israel’s longstanding firms, provides a very comprehensive solution for each and every client, and it is one of the few firms that currently have such a broad and in-depth specialization in these practice areas. In recent years, the firm was responsible for some of the most important rulings and precedents in tort insurance law.

Zvi Yakubovitz, Law Firm and Notary includes about 50 employees, including 34 lawyers and 8 interns. The firm provides legal counsel to its clients, including to insurance companies, HMOs and individuals, and also legal representation and support in various courts and tribunals. As part of its practice, the firm provides solutions for bodily harm and property damage cases, for lawsuits concerning life, health and long-term care insurance, and also in cases of medical malpractice.

Our clients list includes the insurance companies Harel and Ayalon, the insurance company Dikla, the Clalit HMO, Harel Pension Funds and more. In addition, the firm provides legal services also to numerous private clients, we require professional legal counsel and support.

Over the years, the firm handled a great many lawsuits and participated in the setting of important insurance and torts rules. As part of their world view, the firm’s owners believe in integrating professionalism with deeper knowledge in torts, insurance and litigation, and in the creation of a supportive, pleasant and convenient work environment.

Adv. Zvi Yakubovitz

Adv. Zvi Yakubovitz, the firm’s founder, also serves as a mediator and arbitrator in claims which are delegated to him from courts throughout Israel, in order to settle their respective disputes quickly and with the agreement of all of the parties. In addition, alongside his regular attorney practice, Adv. Yakubovitz serves as a lecturer in the Lawyer Training Institute in numerous legal conventions. He is a member of the executive board of the “Yad Ben Gurion” foundation and an executive member of the “Ami Devik for Youth” foundation. He was formerly a member of the board of the National Road Safety Authority and Chairman of the national administration of the Hebrew Scout Movement in Israel.

Adv. Eran Yakubovitz, the firm’s managing partner, specializes in insurance, medical malpractice and tort claims, healthcare law and civil litigation. In addition, he serves as a lecturer in diploma trainings of the Lawyer Training Institute in the medical malpractice and insurance fields and also as a guest lecturer in a variety of forums on behalf of insurance companies, Clalit Healthcare Services and the Tel Aviv University.  He was formerly a lecturer also in the Insurance and Business Administration School of the Netanya College.

The Firm’s Practice Areas

Bodily Harm – throughout the years the firm handled a very large number of bodily harm claims, including bodily harm claims that were submitted to the Harel insurance group, whether if against the company or persons it insured. The firm has extensive experience in handling such claims and has a very seasoned and skilled team in this field, with lawyers who have 15-25 years of experience in legal representation of clients.

Medical Malpractice – the firm offers legal services to HMOs and hospitals, such as the Rabin Medical Center, Soroka, HaEmeq, Meir, Yoseftal, Geha and more, and provides a professional response in to medical malpractice claims. It also represents dentists and independent physicians who have to deal with malpractice claims from their patients.

Insurance Claims - in the framework of these services, the firm represent mainly insurance companies and also insurance agencies. It represents them in handling life insurance claims, including diminished earning capacity, disability, life, long term care, pension, and severe illness insurances and more.

Property Damage - the firm offers legal services on matters of property damage and represents insurance companies or insured persons in lawsuits. The firm has very broad professional knowledge, which it utilizes for handling the various claims, some of which are very complex and challenging.

Litigation – the firm represents thousands of clients in the courts with a very strong emphasis on a very high professional level and utilizing its vast experience in all types of litigations.

Mediation and Arbitration – Alongside his attorney practice, Adv. Zvi Yakubovitz has been working since 2007 also as an arbitrator and mediator in the fields of tort, insurance and medical malpractice. Over the years, he managed more than 3,500 mediations between insurance companies to their insured and between insurance companies and themselves, mediations that concluded with settlement agreement. Recently, he also managed several arbitrations between insurance agents, insurance companies and between agents and companies.

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Zvi Yakubovitz

Zvi Yakubovitz

Founder and Owner
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Eran Yakubovitz

Eran Yakubovitz

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