Guy Wagner, Adv.


Adv. Guy Wagner – Partner

Born: 1974.

Married + 3 children.

Adv. Wagner is a senior partner in the firm.

He holds a Master’s degree in Law from Bar-Ilan University.

Adv. Wagner is a member of the Israel Law Association since 2001.

Adv. Wagner is the head of the firm’s writ of execution and debt collection division.

Adv. Wagner specializes in banking law, currency law, enforcing debt collection and civil litigation. The professional and skilled writ of execution team, headed by Adv. Wagner, specializes in collecting debts through writs of execution and other means. 

Until 2013, Adv. Wagner served as a public representative on the Appeals Committee, as per the Local Councils Law of 1962. Moreover, Adv. Wagner served as a member on the Appeal Committee as per the Disabled Veterans from the War Against the Nazis Law of 1954 and the District Courts Law of 1992. Adv. Wagner currently serves as the Chair of the Israel Bar Association’s Writ of Execution Committee.

Adv. Wagner is responsible for numerous legal achievements and precedents in the field of currency law, including in the matter of authorized signatures on bills, the burden of proof in currency law, receipts as loan agreements, etc.