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Established 1999

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בי.פור.יו. בע"מ

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6 Hachatzav, AZOR 5802918
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Sun - Thu 09:00-17:00
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B4U Ltd. is a leading Israeli manufacturer of cosmetics products which develops and produces hundreds of personal care products for business customers in Israel and globally, under its own brands and as a "private label".

The company specializes in face care products with anti-aging and anti-acne qualities, including creams, serums, masks and face cleansing products. The company is considered to be one of the prominent players in the natural care products market, and is the only Israeli company that manufactures organic cosmetic products which comply with the criteria of France-based ECOCERT, the largest and most renowned organic certification organization in the world.

The company's shareholders are Yoav Gazit (CEO and founder), Nirit Gazit and Gali Gazit-Mizrahi.

One Stop Shop

The company specializes in manufacturing "private label" products on the basis of each one of its hundreds of formulas, that have product files that comply with the EU regulation, the most stringent regulation in the world.

In addition, the company has an enormous variety of packaging such as bottles and jars at its customers disposal, and it also offers in-house printing services.

B4U is very flexible in its activity with its customers and it enables the production of private labels also in relatively low quantities. The company has a manufacturing facility in Azor in central Israel, and also a factory in Slovenia, and it employs about 100 employees in Israel and 20 in Slovenia. The company's headquarters, lab and development teams are located in Israel, and most of its production is exported, inter alia, to Russia, European Union countries and North America.

Innovation and Progress

B4U greatly emphasizes the implementation of innovation and technological progress in its products offering and it constantly adopts cutting-edge technologies and raw materials, and consistently remains abreast of the global trends in the cosmetics industry. As a result, the company launches about 10-20 new products every year and its executive team participates annually in international cosmetics shows, including in Hong Kong, Bologna (Italy) and Germany.

Fields of Activity

  • Chemicals
  • Cosmetics and Toiletries
  • Soaps
  • Cosmetics and Perfumes


  • Cosmetic preparations
  • Cosmetics

Executives working in B.4.U. LTD

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Yoav Gazit

Founder and Owner
Nirit Gazit

Nirit Gazit

Joint CEO
Gali Gazit-Mizrahi

Gali Gazit-Mizrahi

Business Development
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Rafi Zilberberg



Customer Relations Manager

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Company Registration Number 512800301


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