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Established 1992

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Omid Yossi

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אומיד ושות' עורכי דין ונוטריונים

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82 Herzl, RISHON LEZION 7525102
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Omid & Co. Law Offices and Notaries, is one of the leading boutique offices in Israel in the field of real estate in general, and in urban renewal activity in particular. The office was founded over 30 years ago, by Adv. And Notary Yossi Omid, and is considered a professional firm, with vast experience and reputation in the area of real estate.

Our office is one of the top law offices in Israel, in the field of urban renewal. Today, The firm escorts tens of urban renewal projects, all over the country, in various routes: Pinui Binui, Binui Pinui and TAMA 38, on its corrections. Since its establishment, the office has taken a principal decision to provide legal escort and to represent faithfully, only the apartments' owners, in every project.

Our office is one of the few offices in Israel that represents only home owners, in every project. Our office is loyal, throughout the project, only to the apartments' owners, and does not represent contractors nor entrepreneurs.

Our office views the field of urban renewal, as a true solution for fixing economic social injustices, that exist in the Israeli society. Over the years the office has accumulated vast experience and proficiency, in representing and escorting home owners only, in projects of urban renewal, all over the country.

Our office was published in the media, due to the firm's success in execution a project of demolition and building, in Hankin-Ben Yehuda St. in 2016. In the project eight old railway buildings, where 136 home owners were living, were destroyed, and instead 440 new apartments were built. In 2020 all the apartments were inhabited; the year of inspection was finished and all the housing units were registered in the land registry on the home owners' names. This project is considered, to this day, to be the largest and fastest project in Israel in the route of demolition and building. 

The customary way in the law office includes assignment of work teams, to each and every project, in order to supply escort and ongoing response to all home owners in the complex. The office's staff escorts apartments' owners from the beginning of the project, the stage of early organization, to the day the home owners receive their new apartments in the new project.

The office's team will be happy to be at your service and provide you with a trustworthy and professional legal escort.

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Executives working in Omid & Co. Law Offices & Notaries

Yossi Omid

Yossi Omid

Founder and Owner
Kochava Omid

Kochava Omid

Customer Relations Manager
Talia Tamir

Talia Tamir

Office Manager
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Avigail Levi

Project Manager
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Osrhart Marciano


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