D&B's Credibility Mark

D&B's Credibility Mark is a seal of approval designed to reflect a level of business credibility and ease a consumer's decision making process as they move towards a business transaction. This stamp is based on our professional opinion and on the information we have as to the quality levels of the products or services offered.

1. Remember, D&B's Credibility Mark only reflects the business' status at the time of examination on dun'sguide. Therefore, we recommend keeping up to date on its status in the future and making sure it still qualifies for D&B's Credibility Mark.
2. By using this site you hereby confirm the information listed on this site regarding the business, including the Credibility Mark (hereafter known as the "information"), is only one of the factors supporting a decision regarding credit, acquisition, insurance or any other business activity, whether for profit purposes or not, with a business entity or any other entity, and is not relied solely on this information. In any case you are required to perform independent examinations before engaging in any business transaction.
3. You are hereby aware that by making any decision on the matters listed above you are taking a risk, and that in any case, D&B cannot and will not be held accountable for the risks involved in your business decisions.
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