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RETEM - 3D STEEL GRID LTD HARARIT 2018200 Established: 1999

Our company, Retem Steel Grid Ltd., specializes in soil stabilization and erosion control solutions for the infrastructures sector. The company has been operating in this sector for more than 15 years and has a proven experience in stabilization projects throughout Israel for Israel’s major customers, such as: The National Roads Company, Israel Railways, The Ministry of Defense, drainage authorities, large construction contractors etc.

We are the exclusive producers of the JK 3-dimensional steel grid, which is used for a variety of soil stabilization and erosion control applications. We are able to provide all of the required raw materials for the execution of projects, and if necessary also to execute contractual works in this area.

Our products include:

·         JK 3D steel grid: A three-dimensional galvanized steel grid – manufactured in our factory in Israel – which is used for concrete reinforcement in consolidation works for road tunnels, spillway facilities (overflow channels), culvert entry/exit points, stream regulation and the construction of low-water crossings or bikeways and promenades.

·         Gabion bastions and mattresses: Retem imports gabions which can also be customized to special requirements by the planner: bastions and mattresses of various heights and lengths,  with or without a “tail”, PVC coated and more.

·         Coconut sheets and strips: Retem imports coconut sheets and strips which are made of natural coconut fibers. Sheets come at weights of 750gr/450gr per Sq. M., and strips are 20cm wide and weight 300gr/Sq. M.

·         Geogrid sheets for soil reinforcement: We are the importers of the global Ace Geosynthetics Inc., a producer of geogrids for soil reinforcement and other applications. All of the products are approved by the BBA and The National Road Company of Israel. We provide uniaxial and biaxial geogrids in the ranges of 30-800 kN/m.

Other soil stabilization products: Rockfall netting, woven and non-woven fabrics, HDPE sheets, various draining sheets and more.

For more information and in order to contact us, you may call the aforementioned numbers or contact our company’s staff:

Dudu Manor: 054-6865743

Tomer Nevo: 054-9444107

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