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GRAND OFEK PROJECTS LTD 45 Hashita, CAESAREA 3079834 Established: 2015

Grand Ofek Projects Ltd. (GOP) is leading the Israeli market in erection of large-scale projects in the energy, infrastructure and industrial sectors.

We have gained vast experience in erection of steel structure, ridges, ducts, piping, storage tanks and supportive equipment.

GOP possesses various logistics solutions for lifting, transport and storage, suitable to execute complex works.  An experienced, certified personnel, professional engineering and keeping high standards of quality and safety – All these assure compliance with requirements and completion of the project on a timely and quality manner to the client's full satisfaction.

 Grand Ofek Projects is a subsidiary of Brand Industries Ltd. – Israel's largest manufacturer of steel structures, bridges, storage tanks, and other metal components for various local and international industries. Brand is publicly traded in Tel Aviv Stock Exchange


Fields of Activity

1         Erection

Energy Facilities

·         Erection of conventional power plants (coal and combined cycle) including:

HRSG, BOP, ACC, Pipe Bridges, ducts, stacks, FGD, SCR, as well as mechanical erection of supportive equipment.

·         Erection of alternative energy facilities such as hydro-electric, thermo-solar and wind turbines.


·         Erection of large-scale steel structure for infrastructure projects: bridges, airports, light train, tunneling etc.

·         Offshore and shipyard works

·         Erection of logistic centers, conveyor belts



Erection of industrial facilities such as:

·         Erection of oil refineries

·         Erection of wastewater treatment plants, including mechanical works an pumps  


2         Maintenance

·         Rehabilitation and reinforcement of steel structures including insulation and cladding as well as steel bridges.

·         Renovation and Repair of industrial storage tanks, desalination pipes, refinery towers and furnaces, conveyor systems, turbines, etc.


3         Manufacturing

·         Manufacturing of steel structures by parent company Brand Industries

·         Manufacturing of industrial storage tanks for oil and water

·         Pre-fabrication of HP / LP piping .   



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