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Haim Zadok & Co.
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Haim Zadok & Co. 20 Lincoln, TEL AVIV-JAFFA 6713412 Established: 1958

Haim Zadok & Co. Law Firm was founded 60 years ago and is one of the oldest and leading law firms in Israel. For over 6 decades, the firm has handled a wide range of commercial and business law. The firm is prominent in the areas of insolvency / corporate recovery, litigation/dispute resolution, administrative/constitutional law and class actions. The firm also deals with real estate - planning and construction, urban renewal and the environmental law matters. The firm has high professional standards, aspiring to professional excellence, respect, and loyalty to clients while maintaining the highest ethical standardsm, which guided the firm since its inception. The firm supports both local and overseas clients, including Israeli and foreign banks, international automobile manufacturers, international chains, Israeli official car importers, contractors, local authorities, professional associations, holding companies, infrastructure companies, trade and import companies, high-tech, real estate and transport companies, Israeli food importers, hospitals and more. In recent years, the firm was involved in the largest liquidation and recovery cases of the Israeli market. Lately, the firm has further grown with the joining of experienced attorneys in the fields of real estate, planning and construction, urban renewal and real estate litigation. The firm’s senior partner, Ilan Shavit-Stricks, heads a national cleanup project for contaminated land in the Kiryat Plada waste site in Akko. This project is in the last stage of completion and is implemented in coordination with the Environmental Protection Ministry The project’s management requires skills in a variety of legal fields, including business law, administrative and contracts practice.

Main Practice Areas

Commercial and Business Law

Insolvency, Liquidation, Company Recovery and Debt Settlements

Corporations & Startups

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Class Actions

Real Estate, Planning and Construction, and Urban Renewal

Administrative Law

Local Authorities



The firm has a long tradition of social involvement and contribution to the community with attorneys involved in activities for the public, including serving on Bar Association committees. The firm has a long-standing tradition of providing pro-bono services to low-income individuals who have become embroiled in financial difficulties.

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