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Psagot Computer Solutions Ltd.
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Psagot Computer Solutions Ltd. 29 Harab Huri Haim, LOD 7128255 Established: 2003

Psagot designs, develops, and supports communications networks and computers, in combination with unique, advanced technologies.

Our highly experienced team of experts studies your business activity, supports all of your systems: servers, computers, firewalls, etc., and provides prompt system recovery in the event of a viral attack.

Psagot, a Microsoft Certified Partner provides solutions by methodical procedures and implementation of Microsoft Dynamics on-premises to access systems and manage all client passwords, data and other needs

Our expertise

·         Privacy protection regulations

·         Computer services for businesses

·         Ransomware

·         Communications and data security

·         Cloud services for businesses

·         Backup and data retrieval

·         Virtualization

·         Internet and media

Systems Department

·         Server installation and management.

·         Monitoring and integrity checks.

·         Backup systems.

·         Cloud services and Office 365.

·         Communications and networking.

·         Troubleshooting.

·         Information security.


Networking and Information Security Department

·         Implementation of networking technologies

·         Connecting interoffice information systems.

·         Secure links to external entities (i.e., insurance companies and government offices).

·         Integrating smartphones and tablets into the work environment.

·         Information security and encryption to prevent business espionage.


Internet Department

·         Website design and development.

·         Web hosting.

·         Setting up marketing systems.

·         Advertising banner design for media enhancement.

·         Social network management.

·         Viral exposure.

Technical Support Center

·         Performing continuous computerized control of customer computers and communication systems in real time.

·         Directs field technicians.

·         Manages remote support projects.

·         Professional computing services with human responses.

·         Solving every problem and repairing every malfunction.


Networking solutions:

·         Firewall implementation:

·         VPN services

·         2FA secure remote access

WiFi solutions:

·         Fullscale business WiFi spread - UniFi technology

·         WiFi security – Guest VLAN


Tzachi Danon



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