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X-Agon.Gali Israel LTD.
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X-Agon.Gali Israel LTD. 12 Pen Alexander, TEL AVIV-JAFFA 6964114 Established: 2020

X-Agon Gali Israel is a tuff importer approved by the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture.

X-Agon tuff is selected and recommended for the production of mixtures.

Top quality X-Agon tuff saves water, prevents weeding, regulates soil temperature, and makes maintenance easy and straightforward.

X-Agon tuff is light and has unique agronomic properties, optimal for planting beds and detached planting beds, and ideal for drainage and volume filling because of its low weight.

In parking lots and on green roofs, X-Agon tuff is recommended for reducing loads.

X-Agon tuff is designed for preparing mixtures consisting of high-quality peat, coconut fibers, and fertilizer that can be used to grow spices, vegetables, and trees of all kinds.


X-Agon has a selection of unique, carefully chosen, and highly concentrated mixtures that are uncontaminated by chemical substances and herbs.

X-Agon series are assembled according to specifications and at the request of the Israeli planners and consultants.

The mixtures are tested in the Zemach Technologies Ltd laboratory.

One of the professional laboratories in Israel in the field of detachable bedding, the laboratory is approved by the national authority and has the ISO 17025 standard.

The test results are transferred to a quality control consultant and soil expert specializing in detached substrates and automation, irrigation, and fertilization systems.

In order to ensure the success of various crops, all this is necessary.

With continuous communication to ensure supplies meet the site's schedule, X-Agon is known for its quality service and reliability.


X-Agon has a logistics lot with stock available for bulk delivery and huge bags for any quantity and any location in the country.

Among our clients:

Ashstrom, Tadhar, Etz HaShaked, Elhar, Ram Aderet, Doral Shabiru, Tshuva,

Gabay Infrastructures, Mivnim VeNetivim, Gabay Group, Afcon, A. Sade, Oglim,

A. E. Abu Ras, Best, Leonardo, Ihud Yesodot Habniya, Ofek Sheli, A. Aharon, Almog Kedai, Arzei HaNegev, Asom, Peretz Bone HaNegev, Barel Group and several others....


Selected projects:

Golf project - Ashstrom Acro Real Estate

Project Life - Ashstrom Bnei Brak

De Vinci Project - Acro Real Estate and Ashstrom

Big Beer Sheva, Big Yehud

Azrieli Tower

Ayalon routes

Schneider Hospital

Bnei Brak - Oded Shariki Arazei HaNegev

Arlozorov Begin Crossing - a project of the Tel Aviv Municipality

and there are many others on the list.

X-Agon Israel - because you deserve the best tuff !!!

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