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ELTRAP SYSTEMS (ISRAEL) LTD 291 Bnei Efraim, TEL AVIV-JAFFA 6941440 Established: 1995

More detailed activities of ElTrap are as follows:

·      Geomechanics and material testing systems (bridges, tunnels)

·      Seismic and shut-down systems

·     IMU & Heads-up display systems (HUD), Inertial Navigation Modules, aeronautical, naval, surface; Robotics and Medical applications

·      Water parameters, level, pressure, automatic data logging in wells and groundwater with smartphones Bluetooth communication, quality monitoring and control systems

·      Intelligent transportation systems - road maintenance, laser profiling, rutting, roughness, tracking systems

·      C4I-command, control, computers & intelligence systems         

·      Food Texture measuring equipment                                  

·      Industrial process measurement equipment

·      Temperature profiling instruments: industrial process type                                                                                  
ELTrap System (Israel) Ltd. was established in order to provide sophisticated solutions, system integration and equipment supply by representing foreign companies and bringing in know-how in the following disciplines:

1. Civil Engineering

·      Geo-Mechanical Instrumentation, Soil and Rock, Ground, Water level, Quality, Sampling and Logging equipment; Asphalt and laboratory material

testing equipment.

·      Traffic and Transportation control systems, Roads and Runway Laser profiling, Rutting and Roughness systems.


2.    Industrial and Defense Applications

·      IMU, Orientation, Inclinometers and Navigation Systems (3-Axis) for inertial aiding, location tracking, unmanned vehicles, robotics, biomedical, platform stabilization, antenna and camera pointing.

·         Microminiaturized displacement and force transducers for structural monitoring, smart materials, Vibration and acoustic noise testing, Assembly line, sports performance and sports medicine analysis.

·         Temperature profiling for Ovens, Furnaces and Reflow processing.


Projects and Markets Covered
ELTrap has been active in the Governmental, Municipal, Industrial, Private, Universities / research and Defense markets and covers territories in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

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