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NYGA CHEF LTD NORDIYA 4295400 Established: 1984

Interprom Group was found on 1974. Under the group exist companies: Nyga Chef Ltd., Neirosta Zafon, HR Brilliant Solutions Ltd., Nyga Chef for Home.

The company are private companies, owned by families. The share owners are mangers in the company. The group has 100 employees.

·         Nyga Chef Ltd. – quality equipment for professional cooks

The company deals with import, marketing and service of products for institutional kitchens, one of the leading companies in Israel in the field. They represent the best suppliers in the world, and they bring unique, advanced technical solutions for professional kitchens.

Partners in establishing kitchens and dining room projects the largest in the country.

The best combistor ovens in the world from Rational and MKN Germany.

High quality cooking arrays by Ambach and MKN.

Advanced dishwashing systems from Meiko Germany.

Food processing and cooking equipment for the food industry by Nilma Italy.

Quick refrigerators and thaw refrigerators made by Williams, mixers of various sizes made by Bear Denmark.

Food transport products from Blanco Germany, ice machines Mamitowoc USA, induction devices from Scholl Germany and Cooktek USA, and other products from the best manufactures in the world.

Dishwashers and pots (multi-use) - The green solution from Granuldisk - Sweden.

Frima - France's versatile cooking system.

Coffee machine, one of the best in the world- La-Cimbali from Italy, Trucilo coffee supplier in Israel.

Solutions for water improvement - Integrating water treatment products such as: softeners and osmosis systems, cold water systems and soda.

Together we build a product basket and customize it to customer's requirement. The accumulated experience in Niga-Chef guarantees you a quality and reliable solution.

·         Nyga Chef service

The professional kitchen service department operates nationwide from the Golan Heights to Eilat, through a professional and skilled team of technicians, a computerized spare parts warehouse, a service center available for customer needs and a service lab.

In the service department, 15 technicians nationwide are directly employed in vehicle luggage and spare parts.

·         Nyga Chef partnership with Neirosta Zafon

Niga Chef's production department is partnering with Neirosta Zafon Industrial Park, Bar-Lev, Carmiel.

A combination of professional approach, creative means of leadership, creative engineering and maximum attention to market trends and customer needs.

Production of advanced serving arrays

A combination of unique planning and quality manufacturing.

·         Brilliant resourcing solutions Ltd.

Brilliant resourcing solutions Ltd. From Interprom Group was founded out of understanding the customer needs, providing one address that combines the diverse solutions in the professional kitchen (dishwashers, ovens and more...) with the right solutions for excellent cleaning and hygiene results.

The company specializes in cleaning solutions for the professional kitchens, representing the best manufacturers in the country and the world, bringing a variety of cleaning products fitted to the customer needs, personal treatment, professional and available service.

Brilliant resourcing solutions Ltd. has a variety of customers all over Israel.

·         Nyga Chef For Home

Unique solutions from the professional kitchen to the private kitchens.

Significant value-added equipment that know how to do more specially and with simplicity in operation.

For all cooking lovers, foodies, and hosts who mostly seek modern appliances to the kitchen, now they can find a series of products that are unique and versatile to cooking, baking and cooling.

Fast and high-quality dishwashing and effective, designed solutions for evaporation.

Nyga Chef For Home is dedicated to maintaining innovation and finding unique kitchen solutions. To enable cooking and hospitality enthusiasts to enjoy new culinary technologies and wonderful results in cooking and baking at home too.

·         Interprom Group

The group has offices, warehouses, showrooms and a set of service and logistics in Nordia. The group focuses on finding high-quality solutions for market segments defined by products that have distinct advantages, providing perfect systems, while performing installation and after-sales service.

The Interprom Group sees as a major goal to ensure complete satisfaction with its products over the years. As part of this, special emphasis is given to the efficient and well-equipped service department that is always right to respond to customer needs over the years.

Among our clients are most hotels in the country, hospitals, catering companies, the Ministry of Defense office, with all its branches, wedding and party halls, the electricity company, leading restaurants, high-tech companies, banks and more. The group companies carry an approved 9001ISO standard.

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