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Miller Advanced Technologies LTD
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Miller Advanced Technologies LTD 4 Lewin Shamaryahu, JERUSALEM 9666406

Miller Advanced Technologies provides next-generation solutions for printing embossed type with greater ease and precision on a wider variety of materials.  Our Gold Letter system lets you easily extend your business to offer embossing on book covers and related products, creating one-of-a-kind yearbooks, memory books, albums, and gifts of all kinds.

With Miller Advanced Technologies, you can maximize profits and significantly reduce costs while getting on board with the next generation of printing technology—the precise, easy-to-operate Gold Letter system that’s changing the face of the industry.

• Expand your business’s profit centers with top-quality embossing
• Simple training and fast learning curve
• Works on a range of materials:  wood, fabric, real or synthetic leather, cardboard, etc.
• Easily personalize premium gift items: wallets, awards, plaques, Bibles, and many more
• Emboss easily on a variety of sizes and dimensions using advanced visual imaging

Unlike older embossing machines, which are operated by hand and require a high level of skill along with multiple checks to ensure that the embossing is as precise as you need it to be, our system is fully computerized and works just like a printer.  So your staff can get up and running quickly without a lot of hassle.

Few companies have as much experience and expertise in the printing business.  Miller Advanced Technologies was born out of more than 60 years’ industry experience, developed by a second-generation printer, coupling his family’s expertise with the dedication to providing customers with the latest technological answers to their printing needs. 

Today, Miller Advanced Technologies is creating solutions adapted to the modern era while maintaining a traditional commitment to quality and customer service. 

The Gold Letter system provides an out-of-the-box answer for existing businesses’ need to find new profit sources like bookbinding, album production, wallets and purses, and a wide variety of gifts.  Work with print creators and developers looking for complementary product lines, providing services to the print and textile industries and more.

With Miller Advanced Technologies, you’ll get everything you need to easily provide your customers with beautiful, premium gift items embossed and personalized for any occasion.  Scale up your profits while minimizing your costs over traditional embossing equipment, processes, training, and maintenance—all with a single streamlined solution.

Please contact us for more details.

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