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וימן ושות' חברת עורכי דין

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5 Sapir, HAIFA 3295401
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The law firm Vaiman & Co. was established and is currently managed by attorney Lior Vaiman, who specializes in tort claims and insurance law. He assists many clients in dealing with various institutions and entities, including National Insurance, insurance companies, pension funds, and more. The legal representation provided by our firm is crucial for our clients, both in asserting their rights under the law and providing support and reassurance during challenging times.

Attorney Lior Vaiman holds a bachelor's degree in law and was admitted as a member of the Israel Bar Association in 2008. He has certificates of completion in tort, medical malpractice, and insurance courses from the Israel Bar Association's Advanced Training Institute. With over 15 years of experience in legal practice, Attorney Vaiman has extensive expertise in civil litigation, appearing in various courts and tribunals, including the National Insurance Institute.

Attorney Lior Waiman works extensively for the representation of plaintiffs in the field of tort claims, including personal injury claims due to traffic accidents, work accidents, public domain injuries, loss of working capacity, medical malpractice, serious illnesses, nursing claims, claims against pension funds, and more.

Attorney Lior Vaiman brings his customers his legal knowledge and extensive experience in these fields, gained through representing insurance companies and defendants, to benefit every client from the initial consultation to the conclusion of the entire legal process.

“I Believe" Statment

Attorney Lior Vaiman chose to specialize in the field of tort law and insurance out of a genuine desire to help anyone who turns to him, especially in difficult moments when the injured party faces resistance from powerful institutions in asserting their rights. For attorney Vaiman, to represent a claimant in front of the insurance company, the pension funds, or In front of the National Insurance, entails significant responsibility, with implications for their future, well-being, and family. Therefore, Attorney Yiman operates with complete transparency, unwavering professionalism, and a strong motivation to fulfill his aspirations and act in the best interest of the client and their rights.

Attorney Vaiman is a member of the tort committee and the chairman of the disability committee of the Haifa District Bar Association, driven by a sense of commitment and a willingness to lead legislative changes for the benefit of the disabled community.

Fields of Activity

  • Law Firms
  • Lawyers & Advocates
  • Assistance in medical procedures
  • Tort Law
  • Medical Malpractice Lawyers
  • Insurance Lawyers
  • Disability Lawyer
  • Medical Assistance


  • Law office
  • Insurance Law
  • Submitting Social Security Claims
  • Work accidents
  • Nursing claims
  • Surgical Negligence
  • Malpractice in pregnancy and childbirth
  • Negligence in diagnosis
  • Negligence in family medicine
  • Lawyers - Malpractice during birth and / or follow-up pregnancy
  • Legal services - torts
  • Lawyers - Insurance Law
  • Torts
  • car accidents
  • loss of working capacity
  • National Insurance Claims
  • Malpractice and negligence law
  • Students accidents
  • Lawyers - Class actions
  • Labor Law and Social Security
  • Bodily injury
  • Financial compensation claims

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Lior Vaiman, Adv.

Lior Vaiman, Adv.


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