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פרבמן, רשף ושות'

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Since 2001, the Law Firm of Guy Farbman has been synonymous with qualified, experienced and personal legal services, with a record of accomplishment in over 500 urban renewal projects throughout Israel. Considered one of the leading firms in real estate and urban renewal, the firm provides professional legal aid in the varied fields of real estate, real estate taxation, corporate law, planning and building (P&B) and commercial litigation.

Specialized Field of Knowledge

Land and Real Estate - Our firm provides legal services in this important field with both the legal and economic perspective taken into account and combined with different areas of practice including P&B, urban renewal, real estate taxation and litigation. Our vast expertise in all real estate issues includes combination transactions, urban renewal, sale and purchase, legal support for initiators and contractors, yielding properties, moving from negotiations to registration and due diligence. We specialize in counsel throughout the sometimes-arduous stages of transactions such as correct purchase, contracting with several parties, negotiations, financial agreements and registration in the Land Registrar.

Urban Renewal - We are in the forefront of the Israeli urban renewal field through our counsel and support of initiators and individuals. With over 500 projects behind us, we provide an accurate overview of the process. Our experience with initiators helps apartment owners find the right projects. Whether our clients are initiators or apartment owners, we orchestrate the entire process from the negotiations to the completion of the project. We pride ourselves as one of the only Israeli firms to have followed through with dozens of successful urban renewal projects, including Tama 38, Pinui-Binui and Ibui-Binui.

Real Estate Taxation - Our firm has a vast understanding and an experience based strategy in dealing with the many different aspects of real estate taxation such as betterment, purchasing and VAT, in the varied areas of urban renewal transactions, combination transactions, sale and purchase of assets, purchasing groups, land cooperatives transactions and rights mobilizations. We are experienced in working in coordination with government facilities and can help our clients find the best, most efficient solutions to their issues. Specifically, we have a method of working out a pre-execution tax planning for transactions, a wide knowledge of the taxation aspects of real estate purchases, and we represent our clients before tax authorities, in objections or appeals proceedings, pre-rulings and work out all tax aspects in agreement drafting, opinions, self-assessment and tax reports.

Planning and Building - This process is an inherent part of the firm's work, since without a precise understanding of the project's intended outcome there is no point in the enterprise. We utilize our knowledge to the advancement of our clients in order to maximize the overall benefit of the project. For example, mobilization of excessive rights or attaining complementary land in Pinui-Binui projects. We provide complete legal support for P&B proceedings in local, district and appeal committees, administrative and district courts, the Supreme Court and more. We are experts in the promotion of national zoning plans, re-zoning plans, betterment charges, building preservation, appropriations and re-zoning.  

Litigation - In this field we specialize in shareholders' disputes, real estate lawsuits, contractual disputes, wills and inheritance claims, and much more. Our litigation department appears before all courts, specializing in the management of complicated lawsuits in all civil-commercial law fields. We strive to practice law in a professional, creative and effective way, utilizing our experience and knowledge to achieve the best results for our clients. We believe in a personal relationship with our clientele, throughout the process.  The Senior Staff

Founder and Owner - Advocate and Notary, Guy Farbman is an acclaimed specialist in urban renewal, real estate, and complex combination transactions with unique expertise in real-estate taxation and P&B law. Appearing before different legal tribunals, Adv. Farbman has experience with municipal and district P&B committees, appeals committees, and Land Registration Inspectors. He has practiced corporate law, and commercial law as well as litigation. Adv. Farbman is a regular lecturer in several forums on various aspects of real estate, while also serving as the chairman of Urban Renewal of the Tel Aviv District and the Bar Association. A licensed notary, he was accredited as a lawyer in Israel in 2001 and as an arbitrator by the Israel Bar Association. His LLB is from the Netanya Academic College and his MBA is from the Edinburgh Business School of Herriot - Watt University.

Partner - Advocate and Notary, Efrat Reshef is one of Israel's top real estate attorneys, with expertise in representing owners' rights in urban renewal projects. With specialized knowledge in the planning and executing of real estate transactions, whether representing the owners' rights or local committees and authorities, she is an expert in bringing about real estate completion transactions, land tenders, combination transactions, and complicated re-parcellation plans. She has a notary certification, as well as both an LLB and BA (Business Administration) from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya. In 2003 she was accredited as a lawyer in Israel.

Partner - Advocate Dudi Perahia specializes in several fields including class action suits, fraudulent claims, inheritance, commercial law, financial crimes, and is an expert in handling complicated disputes in varied instances. He represents the Bar Association in disciplinary complaints and serves as a military defense attorney in the military reserves. With an LLB (with honors) and an MA in conflict resolution from the Tel Aviv University, he regularly gives lectures on different topics in commercial litigation. In 2008 he was accredited as a lawyer in Israel and is a certified mediator.

Partner - Advocate Ortal Zaluf is an expert in the field of P&B, real estate and real estate taxation. She represents several of the largest real estate corporations in real estate related cases, specifically in urban renewal transactions such as sale transactions, combination transactions, Pinui-Binui, Ibui-Binui, Tama 38 and more with continued support and counsel in tax related issues. Adv. Zaluf gives lectures on different real estate issues in several forums. With an LLB from the College of Management Academic Studies, she is an accredited lawyer in Israel since 2012.

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Guy Farbman, Adv.

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Efrat Reshef, Adv.

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