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דקר פקס לוי רוזנברג משרד עורכי דין

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The Decker Pex Levi Rosenberg Law Office is a law firm specializing in Immigration Law. The majority of our attorneys are immigrants themselves, who speak a variety of languages and have an international orientation. With our extensive experience in visas and status in Israel, immigration and passports to Europe (with a focus on Germany, Austria, and Portugal), and the USA, we can assist you with all legal aspects of your relocation. Since its establishment, the office has grown into one of Israel's leading immigration law firms thanks to its professional legal services and personalized handling of clients. The office has branches in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Every client receives the office’s pre-contract pledge – we undertake only cases with a high chance of success and update the client at every stage of the process.

Founding Partners

Michael Decker - An expert in the field of immigration to the USA, Association Law, inheritance, and Trademarks. Michael has extensive experience in civil litigation, including petitions to the High Court that led to changes in Israeli legislation. In addition, he is a founding partner of the Israeli Association for Democracy and Justice, an organization that fights international anti-Semitism and protects minority rights in Israel.

Joshua Pex - Specializes in immigration to Israel, property taxes, Labor Law, and foreign passports and provides legal advice for non-profit companies (NPOs). Joshua was a partner in establishing the Noa Project (NOA) to combat human trafficking in Israel.

Chairman of the Property Tax Appeal Committee of the Tamar Area Council (Dead Sea). Chairman of the Immigration and Foreigners Committee of the Jerusalem Bar Association. Board member of the Keren Herot Association for assistance to victims of human trafficking.

Managing Partners

Irena Rosenberg - Manager of the Tel Aviv branch and a speciialist in Immigration Law and Commercial Law. Among other things, Irena is responsible for related work with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Dubai, and helps clients from Israel and abroad to obtain visas, establish companies and manage trade relations with the Gulf countries

Irena worked as a legal consultant for the customs authorities in Ukraine and completed her internship in Israel at Kobalko & Zarnopolsky Law Office.

Anat Levi - Head of the Family Law department, certified as a mediator and authorized to draw up an enduring power of attorney. Anat holds a bachelor's degree in Special Education, and she emphasizes the psychological aspect of her work as a lawyer and mediator, especially when it comes to family disputes.

 "In the heat of emotions, parties sometimes act contrary to their character and turn the separation journey into a personal war. It is critical for me to convey to clients that the conflict can be settled through agreement - this way, the process becomes more humane and saves all those involved unnecessary pain and sorrow."


The firm was established as an Israeli immigration law office, and, to this day, deals extensively in the field of regulating the status of spouses, handling problems in the Aliyah procedure, and visas for foreign workers. We also assist in obtaining European passports and US citizenship based on birthright or investment.



The firm's specialization:

Many lawyers in the firm excel in a specific field in which they have been engaged for years before joining us. Experienced employees help clients in the field of Family Law, inheritance, wills, torts, property tax, real estate, insolvency, Commercial Civil Law, corporations, intellectual property, and many other areas.

Just like our clients, the employees of the firm come from diverse backgrounds and speak various languages. We offer our clients services in Hebrew, English, Ukrainian, Arabic, German, French, Dutch, and Spanish.

The firm has branches in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, although the firm's lawyers provide legal assistance nationwide. The office also cooperates with lawyers abroad, mainly, but not only, in the field of immigration.


Areas of Expertise:

Foreign passports and immigration overseas - The firm helps clients from around the world to obtain status in Europe and the USA based on their birthright, marriage, and investment. We focus on Austrian, German, US, and (in 2023 only) Portugal passports.

Aliyah and immigration to Israel - The office assists clients who encounter difficulties in the immigration process (possibly due to a criminal record or alleged conversion to another religion), with regulating the status of spouses and children of Israelis when the Ministry of Interior does not cooperate, including establishing paternity through a DNA test and conducting civil marriages abroad \ online. We also help employers in Israel and international companies obtain visas for specialist foreign workers, including short-term visas that are urgently required, and assist in obtaining all types of visas with the Ministry of the Interior.

The Tort Law department - Deals with all aspects of compensation and bodily injury. We provide advice and representation in personal injury cases, compensation for victims of car accidents, medical malpractice claims, representation in the medical committees at the National Insurance and the Ministry of Defense, assistance to victims of hostilities, care of nursing patients, etc.

The department provides legal advice and guidance right from the post-accident stage, assistance with medical documentation, assessment of chances-risks throughout the case, and a determined fight to obtain the highest compensation and reimbursement for each client.

Inheritance Law - We assist in the preparation of wills (including mutual wills for both spouses), obtaining an inheritance order, an order to maintain a will, managing the division of the estate between the heirs, and drafting an estate division agreement. Furthermore, we help testators who want to make use of the estate after their death to manage the procedure of appointing an estate manager, to create a public trust, and more. The director of the department is authorized to prepare a lasting power of attorney.

Family Law - Marriage and divorce agreements, alimony, child custody, treatment of child abduction in Israel and abroad.

Real estate- The firm handles everything related to rental and purchase contracts of real estate in Israel, accompanying contractors and developers, NOP 38 (Pinuy Binuy, etc.), and other types of real estate transactions in Israel, including assistance to citizens abroad and foreign residents in the purchase of non-private lands.

Commercial Law and Association Law - The firm's attorneys have considerable experience in civil and commercial litigation in all courts, management of settlement agreements, and mediation procedures by a qualified mediator in all fields.

Associations - Establishment, management, liquidation, and drafting of annual reports for associations, and Public Benefit Corporations, offering various services customized to the mission and financial circulation of the non-profit.



150 Menachem Begin st. 5th floor


Yad Harutsim St 10,5th floor







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Executives working in Decker Pex Levi Rosenberg Law Office

Anat Levi, Adv.

Anat Levi, Adv.

Senior Partner
Irena Rosenberg, Adv.

Irena Rosenberg, Adv.

Senior Partner

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