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Established 1998

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יניב ג. הנדסה ובנייה בע"מ

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"We believe in innovation, organizational excellence, collaboration within the organization and with the customers. Customer satisfaction is our top value. The values and management culture have made our company a leader in its field."


This is the opinion of Gal Yaniv, the founder and owner of Yaniv Engineering and Construction, which specializes in finishing works and execution planning of offices, shopping malls, and showrooms. "Our uniqueness lies in the cutting-edge technological systems that we interface into the project management process to improve work processes, and in the quality human capital that creates a whole that transcends its parts. All of these lead to strengthening our capabilities in the field."


Gal Yaniv, CEO, and owner graduated from the Technion in civil engineering with  B.sc and has a master's degree in business administration MBA from the University of Haifa.


Since its establishment in 1998, the company has completed over 250 projects and among its clients in the last year are Google IL, HP, Motorola, Monday.com, Riskified, Tipalti, Maxlinear, Bringg, Ceragon, Red-hat, Varonis, Redis, Deepinstinct, Finastra, Proofpoint, Colmobil Group, the library for the blind.


"Our customers are partners in the entire work process and receive an exceptional service experience using the most advanced technological tools," emphasizes Yaniv, "the execution methods and control measures allow us to plan and carry out high-quality finishing works, on a short schedule and within the budget."


Technological innovation

Yaniv Engineering and Construction advocates the implementation of technological systems to improve and optimize processes. The company provides the "design experience" to its customers via the planning department with the help of the BIM (BUILDING INFORMATION MODELING) system and the ACC (Autodesk Construction Cloud) system, for each project a model is created in the system, based on the customer's needs according to the current status, and includes simulators and simulations in 3D. The use of technology helps the company to manage the project more effectively - to correctly estimate the costs, plan the execution stages and meet the schedule.


"Our planning department knows how to save resources and time and allows us to make quick decisions and provide a quick answer to the customer."


"We have developed our own information system that constitutes one integrative environment in which all parties involved in the project participate," explains Yaniv. "All the data relevant to the project are examined in real-time in BI systems and the client sees everything that is happening at any given point. High-tech companies, which are our main customers, appreciate the synergy we have created with the help of the various tools since they allow easy access and full transparency and correspond with the high-tech culture.


The field of safety is a central pillar that reflects the quality of the project. As part of the activity to promote and improve this field, we implemented the Beti system, in which we manage all the safety reports of the project by the national standards in the field. As part of our membership in the global LEED standard, we manage access control of the professional teams and know how to reflect online the safety status of the site. In addition, the company joined the national safety star program and by the end of 2022 is expected to receive the first star.


The Pulser system is another system used in the project management process for managing and controlling the quality of the work according to standards and the nature of the project, as well as by the highest quality and professionalism standards.


The integration between all the systems creates a current and accurate overview that operates with maximum automation and digitization, thus guaranteeing maximum transparency, effectiveness, and productivity for both the company and its customers.


“We accompany each client closely throughout the project. The level of transparency with us is so high that we have GoPro cameras, and daily reports that are sent to all the parties in the project, and the client can watch online from any angle and area of the site, and see what is being done at any given moment and ask questions."


Cooperation with the client

The CEO Yaniv places the utmost importance on customer satisfaction. "We advocate cooperation with the customer. Together we determine the budget, adjust the materials and assemble the best and broadest professional team to carry out the project and to ensure an adequate response to the client's requirements. The client's involvement is very important in all phases of the project. Using the unique system for quality control, we provide our clients with weekly reports detailing the rate of progress of the execution.”


“In fact, in every project, we work with three parties - the client, the architect, and the project manager on behalf of the supervisor. We hold weekly meetings with them and know how to adapt to any changes that the architect or the client requests and offer them the most professional and immediate solution."


Human capital

At Yaniv Engineering and Construction, each project is treated as a unique project conducted according to a systematic methodology and budgetary control.

"As soon as we start working on a project, the project manager presents it to all company employees. Every employee in the company knows every project that has been done. In addition to brainstorming and collaboration, we value professional discourse and the connection of all of us.”


“It is rare to see such great talents from different fields coming together and producing the best human mix for our market. We don't only have people from the construction field, but also members of cyber units, Technion honorees in a variety of fields, lawyers, and information systems engineers. There is a whole array of minds that provides the backup to our execution department on the ground."

We believe in continuous learning and development. At the beginning of the year an extensive training program is being developed to continue professionalizing, improving, and exposing the employees to all the trends and market requirements. Starting with specialization in professional topics such as building schedules, studying and deepening the types of ceilings and adhesives, understanding standards, and more, at the same time improving soft management skills such as time management, negotiation, teamwork, crisis management, and much more. As part of this concept, we award merit scholarships at the Technion to students who stand out in their academic achievements and give incentives and rewards to employees who have demonstrated excellence and stood out positively in their practice. As a complement to the cultivation of human capital and to retain and strengthen the company's employees, during the year there is an abundant welfare activity that includes team days, trips, joint holiday events, to preserve and strengthen the sense of belonging.


Social responsibility

The company develops and invests in the field of social responsibility with the belief that the more we invest in tomorrow, the better future we can guarantee for ourselves and our children. As part of this activity, all employees volunteer in many activities in the field of contribution to the community. Throughout the year, the company carries out fully voluntary projects such as renovations to the homes of Holocaust survivors, renovation of shelters for battered women and children, renovation of the Safari hospital, and more.

At the same time, the company adopted the "Shirat Halev" school for children on the autistic spectrum and established the "Yaniv Engineering Unit" as part of the "Big in Uniform" project, which accompanies and integrates young people with disabilities in the community and the army.


In addition, the company promotes the concept of sustainability. We are members of the global LEED organization, and we take care to integrate green building principles and methods by planning natural lighting, indoor air quality level, use of local and renewable raw materials, water conservation, maximum utilization of energy and other parameters in the belief that compliance with green building standards benefits the environment as well as the customers of each project.


Yaniv Engineering and Construction uses only hybrid vehicles and plans to switch the entire vehicle fleet to electric vehicles by the end of 2025.


Company characteristics

Classification and quality certification: the company has a classification and registration of contractors from the highest contractor register in the industry (C5) for the performance of contracting works and a quality mark ISO 9001-2000

Safety: the company adheres to all existing laws, regulations, instructions, and procedures regarding safety. A safety plan and a unique risk survey are adapted to each project. The equipment is inspected weekly by the internal safety officer; At the construction sites, signage and warning measures are strictly adhered to.

Green construction: the company is a member of the international LEED organization and incorporates advanced green construction practices and advises many companies in the field.

Financial stability: The company's financial stability over decades stems from the conservative approach of its management regarding risk management.


Fields of Activity

  • Construction And Residential Contractor
  • Contracting and infrastructure building
  • Engineering Project Entrepreneurship
  • Projects Management
  • Real Estate Development
  • Construction of commercial buildings
  • green building
  • Contractor companies
  • Construction of swimming pools
  • Exposed concrete work
  • Finishing trades
  • Formwork
  • iron bending
  • Skeleton construction
  • Smoothed concrete work
  • Staircase construction
  • Structural Engineering And Civil Engineering
  • Engineering Services
  • Engineering And Engineers
  • Entrepreneurship / Development Projects
  • Real Estate


  • Operative builders
  • Final contractors
  • Real Estate Development
  • Commercial and office building, new construction
  • Nonresidential construction, nec
  • green building
  • Commercial and office buildings, renovation and repair
  • Finishing trades and skeleton construction
  • Civil engineering
  • Initiate projects

Executives working in Yaniv G. Engineering & Construction Ltd.

Gal Yaniv

Gal Yaniv

CEO and Owner
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