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יאיר סקלסקי – משרד עורכי דין

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Adv. Yair Skalsky’s law firm, which specializes in medical malpractice, medical law, and patients’ rights, is one of the top law firms in this field in Israel.

The firm’s reputation is based on its thoroughness and meticulousness, in-depth knowledge of the medical world and insistence and perseverance.

The firm believes that substantiated medical malpractice lawsuits have a positive influence on the conduct of physicians, as well as improving the professional level of medical processes.


Fields of Expertise

The firm specializes in all areas of medical malpractice, including late diagnosis of various cancers, lawsuits to do with damages caused by plastic surgery (including silicone leaks and its damage), damages caused by curative/preventive surgery, failure to properly monitor a pregnancy, failure to detect fetal defects, negligent gynecology, and obstetrics, as well as damages to the mother or the newborn during childbirth, and more. The firm formulated a methodology based on independent facts research, consolidating the lawsuit and establishing a legal strategy based on the research conducted and the evidence gathered by the firm itself and substantiated according to recent rulings and existing and developing legal theories, and legal negotiations with the defendants’ representatives. As a result, restitution sums paid to the plaintiffs in negotiations are usually higher than average, and sometimes higher than the ones ruled in court verdicts. In some extreme cases, the firm leads and conducts disciplinary proceedings against physicians.

Focus on Plaintiff Representation

Adv. Skalsky has in-depth and longtime familiarity with the healthcare system, its advantages as well as its ailments and shortcomings. In light of this, his mission is to improve the Israeli healthcare system, while acknowledging the difficulties expressed by the plaintiffs as they approach him in their hardest hour to claim justice and sympathizing with them. As a guiding principle, Adv. Skalsky has chosen, in nearly all cases, to represent the plaintiffs and not the hospitals-defendants.

Adv. Skalsky holds an LL.B. degree and established his firm after an internship and pre-internship in a leading firm dealing with medical malpractice, seeing the practice of this area of the law as his goal. He lectures to doctors about medical malpractice and used to host a radio show regarding medical law on Kol Israel. He also represented the Israel Bar Association in the Knesset’s Welfare and Health Committee when it discussed passing a law regarding organ transplants. Moreover, Adv. Skalsky is among the first supporters of Matnat Chaim, an NPO, which addresses organ donations and served as its advisor for many years. He is a member of The Society for Patients’ Rights in Israel and The Society for Medicine and Law in Israel has published articles regarding healthcare and medical malpractice and is an active member of the Israel Bar Association’s tort forum. He is currently leading a movement to change the way mediations work in the field of medical malpractice.

Notable Achievements

The firm identified cases in which the medical diagnoses were false, and professional physicians didn’t notice the mistake in the initial diagnosis. The firm succeeded in transforming cases which seemed unlikely, into major victories where firm clients have won very large restitutions. The firm achieved a precedent according to which an infant born with fused toes on one of his feet has succeeded in receiving million in restitution since this finding wasn’t reported to his parents, without further exploratory tests granted, despite the fact that rules don’t oblige an examination of the toes when monitoring a pregnancy. Moreover, the firm traced a swapped breast biopsy conducted in a central hospital and leading to a false result – informing an ill woman she was sick and a healthy woman she was ill. In another case, a large hospital commemorated a patient who died in its care due to medical malpractice, in addition to restitutions paid to his family.
Furthermore, a plaintiff who underwent breast surgery, using silicone implants, recently won millions in compensation, a precedent-setting sum in this field, due to bodily injuries caused by the silicone leak in her body.

 Addional Branch - Petah Tikva
HaShaham 30, St., HaShaham House, 6th floor. Managed by Adv. Natali Solomon Stein

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Yair skalsky, Adv.

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