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Established 2006

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Skalski Yair Haim

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יאיר סקלסקי – משרד עורכי דין

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7 Begin Menachem Rd, RAMAT GAN 5268102
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Yair Skalski, Law Firm is a leading law firm that specializes in medical malpractice, patient rights and medicine law. The firm's founder and owner is Adv. Yair Skalski, a seasoned lawyer with in-depth familiarity of all aspects of the healthcare system and phenomenal proficiency in medical malpractice. The firm's headquarters is located in Gibor Sport House, Ramat Gan and it has an additional office in Petach Tikva which is managed by Adv. Natali Solomon Stein.

The firm's team includes seven expert and experienced lawyers, most of whom practice medical malpractice, which leads the firm to be considered one of the top law firms in this practice area. Over the years, the firm achieved impressive successes for its clients, and these are attributed to the three values that has been accompanying the firm since its establishment: Thoroughness and attention to the finest details of every case including independent research and evidence formulation in every case, in-depth familiarity with the medical profession and the ins-and-outs of the healthcare system, and also persistence and determination.

The Firm's Practice Areas

Yair Skalski, Law Firm practices every segment of the Israeli medical malpractice field, including late diagnosis of various cancers, plastic surgery related bodily harm, surgical injuries, obstetric malpractice, prenatal misdiagnosis, childbirth injuries and more. The firm developed a unique work method which leads to proven successes: Every case is accompanies by an independent investigation which examines the finest details of the case and substantiates the claim on the basis of rulings and evolving legal theories. As a rule, the firm usually avoids mediation proceedings and prefers to negotiate directly vis-à-vis the defendants or within the framework of managing evidence in the various legal courts. The firm's unique method, its extensive in-depth review of each and every case and its persistence in fighting for its clients often led to higher-than-average compensations. The compensations are sometimes even higher than those that are set by court rulings.

The Firm's Vision

The firm aims to expand its operations while representing plaintiffs with integrity, persistence and loyalty, and maximizing their medical rights. Adv. Skalski believes the all medical malpractice claims have a cumulative positive effect on the conduct of physicians to their patients, and therefore in improving the entire Israeli healthcare systems.

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Addional Branch - Petah Tikva
30 HaShaham St., HaShaham House, 6th floor. Managed by Adv. Natali Solomon Stein

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  • Lawyers - Malpractice during birth and / or follow-up pregnancy
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Executives working in Yair Skalsky – Law Firm

Yair skalsky, Adv.

Yair skalsky, Adv.

Founder & Owner
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