Doron, Tikotzky, Kantor, Gutman, Nass, Amit Gross & Co.

Established 1997

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Doron Tikotsky Advocates and Notary

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דורון, טיקוצקי, קנטור, גוטמן, נס, עמית גרוס ושות'

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7 Metzada, BNEI BRAK 5126112
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Doron, Tikotsky, Kantor, Guttman, Ness, Amit Gross & Co. is a leading law firm operating in the field of commercial law in Israel. The firm employs over 120 lawyers including accountants, economists, and former members of the Ministry of Justice, and government and tax authorities.


The law office has established itself as a leading international firm thanks to cooperation with leading law firms in the US, branches in Israel (Central and Haifa), Romania, Austria, and Cyprus, and thanks to dedicated desks for French, Russian, Chinese, German and Arabic speakers. As such, the firm is characterized by its ability to assemble a team of professionals rapidly, who possess the appropriate skill set and expertise to develop a winning strategy.


As the firm represents large segments of the Israeli economy, it assists businesses in crisis and represents companies and organizations before state institutions regarding the Corona crisis, insolvency proceedings, and tax investigations.


Additionally, the firm has a number of practice areas, including mentoring and advising the ultra-Orthodox sector, a finance department that combines financial, accounting, and management consulting services, and a banking department specializing in representing banks and financial entities in debt collection proceedings.


Law areas that the firm handles include:


Taxation - our firm specializes in providing legal advice and assistance in the areas of Israeli and international taxation. The firm's tax department includes a team that deals with representation in criminal tax cases and white-collar offenses (money laundering), another team that deals with representation before courts in civil tax litigation (handling income tax assessments, VAT, customs, purchase tax, real estate taxation, etc.) and a third team that is engaged in the field of international taxation including expert opinions and planning of international activities as well as voluntary disclosure procedures. The tax department also provides its clients (Israelis and non-residents) with service regarding the requirements derived from anti-money laundering policies and the implications of the American FATCA.


Real Estate - the firm has expertise in accompanying projects and transactions in the field of residential and commercial real estate, employment, and hospitality. The firm accompanies a variety of large-scale projects, both domestically and internationally, which require complex coordination that includes accompanying long and complicated planning processes and representing landowners before the planning and local authorities, accompanying planning approval processes, assisting in land distribution processes by way of termination of partnerships and consolidation and division plans and more. In addition, the firm has special expertise in handling urban renewal projects: both medium and large-scale Pinui - Binui complexes and Tama 38 projects. Furthermore, the firm provides legal representation to Israeli developers and entities in real estate transactions abroad, including in the US, Europe, Africa, and South America.



High-tech and venture capital - the firm provides comprehensive legal advice to companies, entrepreneurs, and investors at each stage of their journey regarding financing and raising capital, including private capital and venture capital investments, complex loan transactions, and other financing activities. The firm represents diverse clients in the high-tech and biotech fields, including a long list of Israeli and international start-ups, technology companies traded on the Nasdaq, private equity funds, as well as Israeli and foreign venture capital funds.


Litigation - the firm represents a long line of clients in business disputes in a variety of court, arbitration, and mediation proceedings. We represent a variety of bodies and companies, including institutional bodies and local authorities, city associations, municipal companies, banks, insurance companies, and other institutional bodies, as well as international companies and Israeli public and private companies.


Mergers and Acquisitions - our firm represents international corporations in acquisition transactions in Israel, as well as supporting Israeli companies in acquisitions abroad. We also accompany many companies, Israeli and foreign, and provide them with close legal assistance in all areas of business. The department's services include consulting for the creation of the employment framework, negotiating and preparing employment documents, checking due diligence, preparing disclosure documents, preparing materials for shareholders, advising the board and board members on corporate governance, consulting on employee and management stock option plans, preparation of submission materials for government authorities and handling of additional matters required for the completion of merger and acquisition transactions, including obtaining permits, financing agreements and debt raising and planning and consulting regarding post-merger integration plans.


Capital market and securities - the firm represents companies listed on the Israel Stock Exchange (TASE), the United States (NASDAQ and NYSE), the United Kingdom (Official List), Canada (TSX and TSX-V), and Australia (ASX). The firm's activities are characterized both by representing the issuing companies themselves and by representing the underwriters in the issuance, as well as providing ongoing support at all levels, debt raising, corporate governance issues, enforcement programs, and ongoing handling of takeover bids and delisting companies. The firm's staff has extensive expertise in representing clients before the Israel Securities Authority and the Israel Stock Exchange, as well as the SEC in the United States, in everything related to Israeli and dual companies.


Insolvency and Economic Rehabilitation - the department headed by Dr. Shlomo Ness specializes in corporate rehabilitation, freezing proceedings and creditors' settlements, liquidations, and receiverships, and is considered a leader and expert in this field in Israel.  The department is comprised of lawyers, accountants, and economists with decades of experience in handling large cases in Israel. The department's lawyers are frequently appointed by the courts, both at the initiative of the courts and at the request of companies and creditors including banks, as functionaries for companies involved in insolvency proceedings, including public companies, retail chains, and infrastructure companies, real estate, commerce, industrial plants, and others. The department provides, inter alia, legal services, and representation to various creditors and entities, regarding various legal matters relating to the field of insolvency.


Specifically, the department has extensive experience in performing debt settlements, creditors' settlements, and corporate rehabilitation, as well as conducting special investigations and legal accounting audits with a special appointment on behalf of the court, as well as accompanying managers and interrogees in these processes.


Labor Law - the firm provides ongoing legal assistance to hundreds of local and international employers, which also includes representation in disputes related to commercial agreements, dealing with employees, recruitment matters, immigration, and more. Assisting in the recruitment and employment processes and in the regulation and implementation of labor laws within the companies, the department represents customers from many sectors, including those in the field of food and restaurant services. The department staff is highly skilled in significantly reducing the employer's exposure to lawsuits by its employees and the authorities as well as accompanying administrative and criminal investigations in the field of labor law and providing advice and representation in indictments of the Ministry of Economy and Population Authority.


Immigration and relocation - we provide legal services to companies that employ foreign workers or for companies that need assistance in relocating experts from abroad to Israel.

Our list of customers includes industrial and high-tech companies, sports associations, construction companies, companies in the agriculture industry, leading restaurants and food chains in Israel, and many others.


Third sector and associations - We advise and accompany organizations in the third sector from the planning stage to establishing a legal and regulatory format for their conduct in various stages of their activities, as well as achieving management approval. In addition, we provide assistance in obtaining and accompanying a plan to correct defects and prevent or stop liquidation proceedings, as well as in investigation and audit procedures.

Fields of Activity

  • Law Firms
  • Lawyers & Advocates
  • Real Estate Attornies
  • Lawyer Capital Market
  • Lawyer Commercial
  • Law Offices / Lawyers - Receivership And Liquidation
  • Notaries
  • Employment law Attornies
  • Attornies Tax Law
  • Legal Services
  • Bankruptcy Lawyers
  • International Law
  • Lawyers citizenship
  • Strategic Consultation
  • Attornies companies
  • Lawyers Mergers & Acquisitions


  • Law office
  • Real estate law
  • High-tech and Internet Law
  • Securities law
  • Capital Market Law
  • Labor and Employment Law
  • Antitrust and trade regulation law
  • Bankruptcy referee
  • Lawyers - Execution / receivership / bankruptcy
  • Notary
  • corporate law
  • Labor and employment law
  • Tax Law
  • Lawyers - Hi-Tech Law
  • Taxation law
  • Corporate law
  • Immigration laws
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Real Estate Law and Real Estate
  • Lawyers - Capital Markets, Corporate and Securities
  • Immigration and naturalization law
  • Planning and Construction Law
  • Advice for mergers and acquisitions
  • Lawyers - Tax Law
  • Insolvency and Restructuring
  • Securities Law
  • International Commercial Law
  • Corporate, partnership and business law
  • Legal services - mergers and acquisitions
  • Commercial law

Executives working in Doron, Tikotzky, Kantor, Gutman, Nass, Amit Gross & Co.

Eli Doron, Adv.

Eli Doron, Adv.

Co-Founder and Senior Partner
Yaron Tikotzky, Adv. and CPA

Yaron Tikotzky, Adv. and CPA

Co-Founder and Senior Partner
Ronen Kantor, Adv.

Ronen Kantor, Adv.

Co-Founder and Senior Partner
Giora Gutman, Adv.

Giora Gutman, Adv.

Shlomo Nass, Adv., CPA and Dr.

Shlomo Nass, Adv., CPA and Dr.

Co-Founder and Senior Partner
Amit Gross, Adv.

Amit Gross, Adv.

Co-Founder and Senior Partner

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