Schneideman, Wartski & Co., Advocates

Established 2014

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שניידמן, ורצקי ושות' עורכי דין

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9 Metzada, BNEI BRAK 5120109
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Sun - Thu 08:00-20:00
Hebrew, English
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Areas of Practice: Capital Markets, Securities Law, Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Investments, Capital Raising, Private Placements, Public Offerings, Initial Public Offering, Mergers and Acquisitions, Shareholder Control Disputes, Debt Reconstruction, Regulation, Incorporation and Corporate Registration, Corporate Governance, Due Diligence.

Profile: Schneideman, Wartski & Co. is a highly respected boutique law firm specializing in capital markets, securities law, corporate law and commercial law in all its aspects and diversities.

Schneideman, Wartski & Co. was founded by Advocates Jonathan Schneideman and Avital Wartski. The firm enjoys an esteemed reputation and is renowned for its expertise and experience in the practice areas of capital markets, securities law, corporate law and commercial law and its professionalism in handling a wide array of complicated transactions, including, raising capital, private placements and public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, controlling interest transactions, related party transactions and debt arrangements.

The firm's rich experience and comprehensive knowledge in securities law, corporate law and commercial law, enable it to offer resourceful solutions and legal services of the highest professional standard within the complex regulatory environment of the capital market.

Main Areas of Practice

The firm's main areas of practice are:

* Transaction planning, support and consultancy in commercial law negotiations.

* Capital raising and equity - linked transactions, including public offerings.

* Tender offers, controlling interest transactions in public and private companies.

* Mergers and Acquisitions.

* Drafting and implementing founders' agreements, partnership agreements and shareholders' agreements.

* Intellectual property protection.

* Related party transactions.

* Ongoing legal support for reporting corporations, including corporate governance and representation before the authorities.

* Consultancy and support for decision-making processes in public companies.

* Legal support and consultancy for senior office holders in reporting corporations.

* Due diligence for private investors, institutional investors and underwriters.

* Providing legal opinions on various legal and law related issues.


Schneideman, Wartski & Co. law firm provides its clients with top quality legal services, based on experience, a creative business approach, its profound knowledge of the law and regulations and its constant relations with the various authorities.
A personal approach along with professional excellence and rich experience, allows the firm to provide its clients with up to date legal advice of the highest quality while understanding the specific business activity of each client. The firm maintains long-term relationships with its clients and provides them with professional legal advice and practical legal solutions that enable business growth.

Client Base

The firm's clients include a broad array of prominent public and private corporations operating in a wide range of activities, among them, real estate, industry, high-tech, retail, food, investment and venture capital. The firm's clients enjoy the uncompromising professionalism and loyalty of the firm, its swift and effective response and the accumulated experience gained over the years.

Languages: Hebrew, English.

Fields of Activity

  • Law Firms
  • Lawyers & Advocates
  • Lawyer Commercial
  • Attornies companies
  • Lawyer Capital Market
  • Intellectual Property Lawyer
  • Lawyers Mergers & Acquisitions


  • Law office
  • Commercial law
  • Capital Market Law
  • Corporate, partnership and business law
  • Antitrust and trade regulation law
  • Corporate law
  • Securities law
  • Patent, trademark and copyright law
  • Legal services - mergers and acquisitions
  • High-tech and Internet Law

Executives working in Schneideman, Wartski & Co., Advocates

Jonathan Schneindeman, Adv.

Jonathan Schneindeman, Adv.

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Avital Wartski, Adv.

Avital Wartski, Adv.

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