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ש. נתנאל מהנדסים יועצים בע"מ

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11 Levy Moshe, RISHON LEZION 7565828
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Engineering consultancy and planning in the fields of fire engineering and protection.

Fire Protection and Life Safety Engineering and Consulting

Experts, consultants, and planners in the following areas:

• Planning fire safety systems in complex buildings, high-rises, and skyscrapers including residential and commercial offices.

• Consulting Center, preparing, and obtaining business licensing and building permits.

• Computerized Fluid Dynamic CFD engineering simulation for smoke management and evacuation of people during an event.

• Planning low voltage systems, control, and system integration in any complex structure.

• Computerized field files.

• Safety surveys and risk analysis.

• Fire investigation

• Planning systems for detecting and extinguishing sprinklers (sprinklers) and plumbing.


Leading in the fields of fire engineering and fire protection. Fire Protection and Life Safety Engineering

S. Netanel Ltd. was founded by Idan Safety Engineers Ltd. from the Idan Group.

The CEO, Dr. Eng. Shmuel Natanel, is an entrepreneur, founder, and chairman of the Fire Safety Engineers Chamber (retired after two decades), the Israeli Association of Construction and Infrastructure Engineer, the Association of Engineers and Architects, and chairman of the Association of Fire Safety Engineers in the Association of Engineers and Architects.

Dr. Eng. Shmuel Netanel is a safety and fire protection engineering, entrepreneur, and expert since 1983. He is also a senior lecturer, (Professor of Foreign Affairs) at Ben Gurion University, for master's studies in the safety engineering management program, a member of the expert committee revisioning the planning and construction regulations, a member of the implementation committee of Zeiler committee recommendations.

Member of standardization committees and chairman of a technical committee.

Founder and chairman of the NFPAIL association in Israel, which exclusively represents the NFPA USA Association - The National Fire Protection Association


The company has a professional planning and consulting engineering system. The company also specializes in risk surveys, investigation of fires, and safety failures including expertise and arbitrations, and leading in the field of fire simulations and smoke control and various professional courses as well as the establishment of the fire safety academy for engineers under the auspices of the University of Maryland, USA. The company operates according to quality management systems and has an ISO standard.


Era Engineers Ltd., part of the era group, specializes in fire safety engineering, and human lifesaving and exclusively represents since 1983 the manufacturer of emergency vehicles and rescue Emergency One from the United States. Both companies serve about 2000 customers from the government, public, and private sectors, and thousands of active and completed projects in Israel, the United States, Europe, and Africa in industrial buildings, public and commercial towers, hospitals and nursing homes, universities, sports facilities, storage and transportation, fire stations, railway station complexes, terminals, tunnels, airports, and others.

Fields of Activity

  • Engineering And Engineers
  • Systems, fire alarm
  • Structural Engineering And Civil Engineering
  • automation
  • Contractor companies
  • Safety Inspection
  • safety
  • Safety consultants
  • consulting services
  • Alarm and security systems
  • Dry construction contractors
  • Electrical Works
  • Accessibility and Safety Consultants
  • Fire Safety Engineering
  • Firefighting - Related Equipment
  • Construction And Residential Contractor
  • Animation
  • Information Retrieval


  • Consulting Engineer
  • Designing
  • Smoke detection systems
  • Engineering services
  • Safety inspection service
  • Writing safety plans
  • Engineering Planning
  • Computer simulation
  • Advice on building permits
  • Sprinklers
  • Civil engineering
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Engineering Consulting
  • Safety and security specialization
  • Fire Protection Engineering
  • Fire sprinkler system installation
  • Simulation 3 - D , animation


Shmuel Natanel

Shmuel Natanel

CEO, Head of Engineering & Owner
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Dana Netanel

CFD - Computerized Fluid dynamic
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Roni Netanel

VP Admin and International Development

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