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Ilan Yacobovitch – Family Law

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אילן יעקובוביץ - משרד עורכי דין למשפחה

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Attorney and Notary Ilan Yacobovitch has been practicing in the fields of family and inheritance for 23 years. The office was established in 2014 and specializes in representing men and women across the entire range of family and inheritance law. This includes divorce claims, alimony, ketubah and divorce compensation, parental alienation, child custody and residence arrangements, property division and balance resources, inheritance disputes, immigration cases, common-law spouse, domestic violence, drafting of wills, objections to the execution of wills, and more. Given Attorney Yacobovitch's experience and background in the civil-commercial field, he provides his clients with a broad legal defense, giving advantages in complex cases such as property division in high-net-worth divorces involving career assets and intangible assets, cases involving issues from the business sector such as the distribution of shares and options, inheritance disputes, business disputes and tort claims between relatives.

In addition to his extensive experience in litigation and appearing before Israeli courts in the family, civil-commercial, and other courts, Attorney Yacobovitch is assisted by a battery of first-class external professionals, such as private investigators, accountants, and economists, actuaries, therapists, and others. Attorney Yacobovitch is adamant about achieving the best results for the clients, whether it's in the family courts, rabbinic and peace courts, district or supreme courts. Attorney Yacobovitch also represents his clients in procedures of mediation, negotiation, and arbitration.

In addition to his extensive litigation experience, Attorney Yaakovovitz is fluent in English as his native language. He represents many clients in international cases involving couples from different countries and individuals with international characteristics, such as relocation after separation to the country of origin with joint custody of common children and child abduction cases. In inheritance and divorce cases, the office deals with overseas real estate or financial assets.

Attorney Yacobovitch possesses a comprehensive academic background, holding a bachelor's degree in law with honors from the academic track of the College of Administration and a master's degree in law with honors from Tel Aviv University with a specialization in commercial law. He also graduated with a master's degree with high honors (and has a certification certificate as a specialist family advisor) from the family studies department in the college's academic track to become an administrator, giving him the ability and knowledge to handle divorce disputes characterized by high-intensity conflict, as well as complex cases in terms of child custody and residence arrangements, such as cases involving young minors and cases of parental alienation, incitement and refusal of contact. He is a qualified and experienced mediator, a graduate of a mediation course and a family mediation course of the Bar Association Training Institute, as well as a graduate of a guided experience program (practicum) in mediation. In addition to his occupations as a lawyer and mediator, Attorney Yacobovitch participated in various workshops that assist in the processes of empowerment, self-realization, and the achievement of goals of many trainees and in particular of people in divorce proceedings.

Beyond legal consultation and representation in legal proceedings in personal status and inheritance, the firm also deals with drafting agreements of all types, including financial agreements before marriage, agreements between public figures, divorce agreements, parentage agreements, and more. Attorney Yacobovitch excels in managing negotiations for his clients, at different stages of conflict. He also deals with liquidation of real estate, including receivership, as well as various real estate transactions, during divorce and beyond. Attorney Yacobovitch has significant experience in the field of compensation for Holocaust survivors in which he worked in the past, as well as in representing people who are in forced psychiatric hospitalization, a field in which he is involved in providing legal assistance.

Attorney Yacobovitch's broad and unique experience in working with an elderly population and representing individuals with mental disabilities allows him to provide solutions to situations of incapacity in the present or future. The office specializes in creating continuous power of attorney that allows a person to determine in advance who will handle their affairs and how, in case they themselves are unable to do so. The office also specializes in drafting complex wills characterized by substantial and complex assets, various conditions in the will, and protecting the will from attack.

The office is committed to providing a personal approach and service to each client, with close personal guidance, communication at eye level, high availability, coordination of expectations with the client, sensitivity to the client's needs and situation, and thorough professional handling of any legal issue or matter concerning the client.

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