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חרבג'י וסים מיחזור מתכות בע"מ

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19 Um Kobe, NAZARETH 1605619
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Harbji specializes in recycling waste materials into raw materials to be used in the creation of new products. A wide range of professional services is provided by the company, whose activities began in 2000, to factories, companies, institutions, private individuals, and various organizations all over Israel.

Stability, reliability, and commitment comprise the core of the company's vision. The company is responsible for receiving waste from all over the country, consolidating it, and preparing it for separation and sorting. These services contribute both to the company's customers and to the environment.

Recycling of electronics

Harbji is one of the leading companies in Israel in the field of electronic waste recycling. The company's services include collecting a variety of equipment and electronic waste, including computers, communication equipment, batteries, and accumulators, from companies, factories, and large organizations, for the purpose of environmentally friendly recycling, maintaining information security, and maximizing reuse value.

Cards and electronic components from the company are exported to large refineries abroad, where they are further processed for their non-ferrous and precious metal content.

Professional excellence, personal, efficient, and dedicated service, and adherence to competitive pricing have earned the company a first-class reputation as a leading company in its field.

The company is entrusted to recycle a wide variety of products, including computer equipment (stationary computers and laptops/servers), heavy communication equipment (computer cabinets/server rooms, etc.), printers/photocopiers, keyboards / mice, desk phones / IP, cell phones, memory cards, electronic components, cables, screens, batteries/accumulators / uninterruptible power supply, metals: aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and iron, among others.

Metal recycling

Harbji ​​is the leading company in the field of metal, copper, and cable recycling. The company deals with all types of copper recycling, including recycling of air conditioners, air conditioner piping, and air conditioner batteries, recycling of transformers and compressors, recycling of electrical and communication cables (including stripped copper cables), recycling of electric motors, recycling of chillers, yellow copper (brass) and recycling of plumbing waste ( faucets).

Electrical and communication cable recycling

The company can recycle electrical and communication cables using a special device that separates the copper from the cables. As part of its recycling services, which include all types of cables, the company deals with all types of aluminum recycling, including recycling aluminum chips, aluminum castings, molds, aluminum profiles, old household utensils (aluminum), aluminum engines (automotive) and recycling aluminum cables, among others.

Catalytic converter recycling

Harbji is the leading company in Israel for collecting converter waste and operates nationwide. When converters reach the end of their life or are damaged, they are fully recycled into the metals they contain after undergoing a complex refining process abroad. The company acquires converters from garages, car dismantlers, spare parts yards, scrap yards, and from private junkyards.

The catalytic converter is a tubular part of the vehicle's emissions system, which converts the toxic gases produced by burning fuel into non-toxic gases, thus reducing air pollution. The catalytic converter consists of different types of metals, such as aluminum or nickel, and also includes precious metals. Despite the converter mainly consisting of aluminum or stainless steel, it also contains a tiny amount of precious metals for filtering toxins, which makes it a valuable product. A converter's value can range from tens of shekels per unit to hundreds of shekels per converter, based on the wide variety of models and vehicle types on the market.

Dismantling and evacuation of factories

Harbji specializes in dismantling and evacuating renewable factories and factories that are no longer needed. When factories are evacuated, raw materials are utilized, resulting in significant savings in dismantling costs, and the factory owners may even profit from the process. Harbji handles disassembly, transport, and sorting for factory owners and managers. The company pays for the old metals and uses them for recycling and reuse purposes, so everyone benefits, including the factory managers and the environment. The specified amount can be reinvested in the infrastructure or the renovated plant. In this way, Harbji helps factories at the end of their lifespan save on the costs of dismantling their factories.

Disposal of magnetic media and information security

Harbji provides its customers, both companies and organizations, with shredding and disposal services for hard disks (Hard Discs / Disc Drives), memory devices, components, electronic cards, electronic systems, portable memory devices, etc. Shredding and disposal are fully monitored and supervised, and a waste disposal and recycling certificate is issued to the customer at the end of the process

Fields of Activity

  • Construction iron
  • Sheet metal bending
  • Recycling Machinery And Equipment
  • Scrap Metal
  • Electronics card recycling
  • Magnetic media shredding
  • Buying metals
  • Catalytic converters recycling


  • Brakes, metal forming
  • Recycling
  • Metal Recycling
  • Recycling machinery and equipment


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Wassim Harbaji

CEO ,Owner
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