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Established 2004

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Meir Lucy

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לוסי מאיר, משרד עורכי דין וגישור

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7 Metzada, BNEI BRAK 5126112
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Lucy Meir, Law Firm is a leading law firm that specializes in family law, wills and inheritance. Adv. Lucy Meir, the firm's founder and owner, has handled more than 850 inheritance and divorce cases in her 15 years in the legal profession, and she provides her clients with emotional resilience and tools for proper handling of the sensitive personal process that they undergo. This leads to optimal results, from both of the legal and the emotional aspects, in the long run.

A Unique Work Method – All the Way to Winning the Case

Over the years, a unique work method was developed in the firm, which includes three material stages: Planning – Leading – Winning: Initially, the firm defines a winning strategy from which tactics would be derived throughout the case management. The firm is adamant about its quick response time, is not afraid from being revolutionary and drops no case, no matter how weak its arguments may seem initially. The implementation of the planning stage in the firm is guided by the value of legal professionalism that the firm champions. The vast proficiency and knowledge that were accumulated through the management of hundreds of family crises in the courts, maximize the success of the planning stage.

In the second stage, leading, the firm applies a negotiative approach in order to save precious time and resources – the firm is highly skilled in negotiations and manages to close a significant share of its diverse cases in an overall agreement. The final stage of the process is winning – the firm's expertise in family law improves the case's chances of success and therefore the clients' economic and personal gain. The firm paves the way to a successful management of the case through wise application of the art of argumentation: both through unique legal writing which leads to rulings that are beneficial for the firm's clients, and through rhetoric that creates convincing arguments in the courts.

The Firm's Practice Areas

As aforementioned, the firm specializes in family law, wills and inheritance, including: complex custody proceedings, division of properties, alimony and child support, negotiations and formulation of fair agreements, drafting complex wills, estate management, managing heirs disputes, including between brothers and between common law spouse and the deceased's children, appointment and cancelation of guardianships, reclaiming guardianships and more.

In addition, the firm has a unique expertise in gay family law, and it handles, inter alia, visiting arrangements between brothers, voluntary maternal declaration or alternatively parenting orders, separations in same-sex relationships, parenting agreements and more.

Love and Faith in the Justice of the Cause

The firm's lawyers love and have faith in their work, and they manage their cases with sensitivity and understanding to the special needs of each and every one of their clients, while protecting their interests and immersing themselves in the cause of each and every client.

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Lucy Meir, Adv.

Lucy Meir, Adv.

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