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Established 2006

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צבי שוב משרד עורכי דין

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5 Hachilazon, RAMAT GAN 5252269
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The Tzvi Shoob Law Offices is one of Israel’s leading law firms in the field of Real estate, handling property taxation, Planning & Zoning and Litigation such as claims for liquidating of land partnerships, evacuation and expulsion, endowments, etc.

The firm handles legal proceedings before various judicial instances, such as appeal committees, administrative courts, the Supreme Court, various civil courts, etc.

The firm’s wide range of services covers planning, zoning and improvement issues in the Israeli real estate market, including objections to consolidation and parcellation plans, conservation, land betterment levies, compensation claims following real estate expropriation, licensing, representation in inheritance disputes, etc.

Moreover, we provide legal counsel in all kinds of sophisticated real estate transactions and complex urban renewal projects (specifically NOP 38/2 projects and gentrification programs). We also counsel in wills and real estate taxation issues.

The Firm was founded in early 2006 by Adv. Tzvi Shoob, a well-known expert in the legal, commercial and planning aspects of real estate.

Adv. Tzvi Shoob is an associate member of the Appraisers Association, a member of the Appraisers Academy and a sought after lecturer at professional conferences and at the Attorneys Training Institute of the Israel Bar Association. Adv. Tzvi Shoob is also an editor in chief of a bi-monthly magazine on real estate issues, a co-writer and editor of the Firm’s professional online newsletter dedicated to real estate issues, and his articles are widely published in the professional literature and in the media.

Our Vision

We strive to provide professional and thorough service to all our clients, with an emphasis on comprehensive solutions for all real estate matters, combining the knowledge, insights, and unique expertise of both our real estate department and planning & zoning department in the field. From the initial pre-planning stages through land rights registration, we offer our clients our uniquely broad view and profound understanding of what the optimal representation and service entail.


The Firm’s Areas of Expertise

The Firm’s operations are divided between two departments - the Planning, Zoning and Litigation Department and the Real Estate Department.

The Planning, Zoning and Litigation Department handle the following:

Promotion and improvement of real estate properties before planning institutions, authorities and various courts.

Consulting clients on reducing or cancelling betterment levies.

Legal representation of parties opposing offensive plans, handling expropriation and compensation claims due to impairments caused by the approval of an offensive plan (Section 197 of the Planning and Building Law).

Handling litigation of complex legal cases involving various disciplines relating to land.

The Real Estate Department handles the following:

Advising and providing legal counsel in real estate transactions of all kinds; from the advisability of the transaction to preparing cooperation agreements between landowners, commercial negotiations, comprehensive counsel for agreements of various types, financing agreements and dealing with the various authorities in all issues associated with the transaction, up to finalization of the transaction and rights registration.

Providing counsel for developers, construction companies and private clients in various real estate transactions, including, inter alia, urban renewal, complex real estate transactions involving private land/Israel Lands Authority lands as well as residential/commercial/industrial transactions, investment agreements, gifts contracts, wills, building permits, etc.

Real Estate Taxation and Municipal Taxation (betterment levies), representations before the various real estate taxation authorities, and representation in municipal taxation issues primarily involving complex improvement levies, all in respect of private land and land owned by the Israel Lands Authority, leasing, development areas, etc.

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Executives working in Tzvi Shoob Law Offices

Tzvi Shoob, Adv.

Tzvi Shoob, Adv.

Owner and Manager
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Yifat Ben Arie Steinberg, Adv.

Yifat Ben Arie Steinberg, Adv.

Planning and Construction Department Manager
Amir Dremer, Adv.

Amir Dremer, Adv.

Real Estate and Urban Renewal Department Manager
Ayelet Tzor, Adv.

Ayelet Tzor, Adv.

Sahar Cohen

Sahar Cohen

Sahar Biri

Sahar Biri

Idan Ben Ami

Idan Ben Ami

Hadas Visbroth

Hadas Visbroth

Israel Alter

Israel Alter

Sapir Zilber

Sapir Zilber


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