Nyga Chef Ltd.

Established 1984

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ניגא שף בע"מ

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NORDIYA 4295400
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Interfrom Group was founded in 1974. In the group:

Nyga Chef Ltd., Brilliant Solutions Resources Ltd., and Nyga Chef FOR HOME are all family-owned companies. The shareholders are company managers.

Nyga Chef Ltd. - quality equipment for the professional kitchen

The company is engaged in importing, marketing, and providing service for products for the professional kitchen, and is one of the leading companies in Israel in the field.

It represents the best suppliers in the world and brings to the professional kitchen unique technological solutions from the most advanced available.

A partner in establishing one of the largest kitchen and dining room projects in Israel.

×The best combi steamer ovens in the world, made by RATIONAL and MKN Germany.

× Advanced dishwashing systems made by MEIKO Germany.

× Quality cooking sets made by AMBACH / BARON PRO and MKN

×Fast refrigerators and defrosting refrigerators made by DESMON, WILLIAMS

×Mixers of various sizes made by VARIMIXER Denmark.

×Mobile stands for frontal cooking with a self-evaporating heat exchanger made by BLANCO Germany.

× Systems for transporting hot and cold food in personal trays for hospitals and nursing homes made by BURLODGE.

× MANITOWOC USA ice machines, COOKTEK USA induction device

× Mold and pot washers (multi-use) - the green solution from GRANULDISK Sweden.

× FRIMA/RATIONAL multifunctional cooking system.

× LA CIMBALI coffee machines from Italy, the best in the world.

We built a portfolio of products and solutions tailored to the customer's requirements. The accumulated experience in Nyga Chef guarantees a high-quality, reliable, and long-lasting solution.

Nyga Chef service

×The service department for the professional kitchen operates nationwide from Golan Heights to Eilat, through a team of professional and skilled technicians, one of the largest computerized spare parts warehouses in the country, a service center available for customer needs, and a service workshop.

×In the service department, we directly employ 15 professional technicians who travel nationwide with professional equipment, and spare parts in a dedicated vehicle.



Joint business activity Nyga Chef & Stainless-Steel North

×Nyga Chef's production department operates in partnership with North Stainless-Steel Factory - Bar-Lev Carmiel Industrial Park.

×A combination of a high level of creative engineering, a professional approach, leading production methods, and maximum attention to market trends and customer needs.

×Manufacturing advanced serving sets that fulfill every customer's dream.

× A combination of unique design and quality production.


Brilliant Solutions Resources Ltd.

×Resources Brilliant Solutions Resources Ltd. of the Interfrom Group was established out of the understanding of the institutional client’s needs to receive a single address that combines various solutions for the professional kitchen (dishwashers, ovens, and related equipment) and ready-made solutions for excellent cleaning and hygiene results.

×The company specializes in ONE STOP SHOP solutions for cleaning and polishing for the professional kitchen, representing the best manufacturers globally and locally bringing with it a wide variety of cleaning and polishing products adapted to the customer's needs, personal attention, professional service, available and courteous.

×Bright Solutions Resources Ltd. has a wide range of clients throughout the country.

Nyga Chef FOR HOME

× Unique solutions from the professional kitchen adapted to the private kitchen for customers looking for premium solutions.

× Devices with an added value, knowing how to do more but in a simple and practical way.

× For all cooking enthusiasts, food lovers, frequent hosts, and those looking for innovation, a series of unique and diverse products for cooking, baking, and refrigeration are available.

× Fast and high-quality washing and efficient and designed solutions for evaporation.

×Nyga Chef FOR HOME excels at staying innovative and finding unique solutions for the home kitchen, to allow cooking and hospitality enthusiasts to enjoy new technologies and wonderful results in cooking and baking at home as well.

Interfrom Group

× The group has offices, warehouses, showrooms, and a service and logistics system in Moshav Nordia.

×The group focuses on finding quality solutions for defined market segments through products with prominent advantages, supplying perfect systems while performing installation and providing after-sales service.

× The Interform Group's main goal is to ensure customer satisfaction with its products over the years. In this context, special emphasis is placed on an efficient and well-equipped technical service department ready to meet customer needs over the years.

× Our clients include most of the hotels in Israel, hospitals, catering companies, the Ministry of Defense and all its affiliates, event halls, The Electricity Company, leading restaurants, high-tech companies, banks, and more.

× The group companies carry an approved ISO 9001 standard.

Fields of Activity

  • Food Products Manufacturing Machines
  • Machines for the food industry
  • Roasted coffee and instant coffee
  • Kitchens - Remodeling
  • Renovations and repairs
  • Complete Kitchens
  • Construction And Residential Contractor
  • Housewares and kitchenware
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Food - Restaurants
  • General Commercial Equipment
  • Electrical Appliances - Refrigerators And Freezers
  • Household appliances
  • Garbage grinders
  • Coffee machines
  • Commercial equipment


  • Food industry machinery
  • Manufacturers and importers of coffee
  • Kitchen remodeling
  • kitchens and restaurants equipment
  • Dishwashing machines, commercial
  • Mixers, commercial, food
  • Garbage disposals
  • Cooking equipment, commercial
  • Choppers, commercial, food
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • cooking and baking ovens
  • Kitchen tools and utensils
  • Counter and sink tops
  • Household cooking equipment
  • Cooking and beking ovens
  • Dishwashers
  • Refuse systems
  • Juice extractors, fruit and vegetable: commercial type
  • coffee machines importing and marketing
  • Commercial cooking and foodwarming equipment
  • Commercial cooking and food service equipment

Executives working in Nyga Chef Ltd.

Photo of Company Manager

ELI Moskovich

Photo of Company Manager

Osnat Moskovich

Photo of Company Manager

Gilad Moskovich

Deputy to the CEO of Nyga Chef Ltd.
Photo of Company Manager

Chen Koufman

Photo of Company Manager

Yael Moskovich

Deputy to the CEO of Nyga Chef FOR HOME

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Parent Company E.O. MOSCO (G.Y.T.Y.) 2009 LTD

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