Established 1965

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עציון, הנדסת חשמל בעמ

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26 Hamasbir, HOLON 5885948
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Etzion Electrical Engineering Ltd. offers its services in the field of energy and electricity for industry

The company is a leader in the field of cathodic protection and electricity for industry, mainly oil, gas and process industry, and has gained an extensive experience in innovative design and implementation of complex facilities.

Company CEO Ofer Etzion holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering (Technion, 1984) and an MBA.

An internationally recognized expert in cathodic protection, Ofer is certified as NACE CP4 (Cathodic Protection Specialist), designer and consultant.

He brings with him the decades of extensive and diverse technical experience in design, consulting and supervision of complex projects, facilities and systems, as well as in professionally advanced management and implementation.

Etzion Electrical Engineering Ltd., which has been established as a partnership in 1965 and registered as a limited company in 1970, focuses its work with customers on highly technologically sophisticated projects and successfully deals with them thanks to the engineering and professional expertise of its staff that comprises engineers, technicians and certified electricians.

Company’s areas of operation

Cathodic protection systems – as part of its services, Etzion Electrical Engineering Ltd. offers design, consulting, implementation and operation of cathodic protection facilities intended for tanks and pipelines, measurement and survey services (DCVG, CIPS etc.), stray currents and interferences mitigation, installation of cathodic protection facilities in deep anode beds, supply of equipment, manufacture of current rectifiers, remote monitoring, etc.

Electrical works – among other electrical works, the company offers E&I  services for the oil, gas and process industry , high voltage and low voltage Electrical Installations,, valve and PRMS stations for natural gas, pumping stations for water, fuels etc., sewage treatment facilities, water desalination plants, and more.

Low voltage electrical switchboards – the company offers the services of designing and manufacturing low voltage electrical switchboards under approval of the Standards Institution of Israel for the manufacture of electrical switching and control boards of up to 3150 A in accordance with the Israeli Standard 61439-2.

Generators and fuel systems for generators – the company offers the services of design and installation of generator systems, including fuel tanks and piping, exhaust and silencing systems, as well as of all auxiliary electromechanical equipment for such systems.

Instrumentation and control – being specialists in instrumentation and control, Etzion Electrical Engineering Ltd. offers the services of installing and designing this kind of systems for the oil gas and process industry.

Company’s credo

The company believes in uncompromised professional excellence, innovation and successfully overcoming technologically complex challenges.


ISO 9001: All company’s operations are carried out in compliance with the ISO 9001 quality assurance standard and are approved by the Standards Institution of Israel.

SI 61439-2: Manufacture of electrical switchboards according to SI 61439-2 (IEC 61439-2).




Fields of Activity

  • automation
  • Electrical Engineering Or Electronic Engineering
  • Engineering Services
  • Construction And Residential Contractor
  • Corrosion
  • Corrosion Control Means - Installation
  • Accessories electrical panels
  • industrial Machinery and equipment
  • Electrical panels, command and control
  • Electricity - Fuse Box, Distribution Boards & Components
  • Generators
  • Batteries, chargers and power supplies
  • Construction, General Works
  • Electrical Works
  • Electromechanics
  • Dry construction contractors
  • Electrical Contractors


  • Electrical or electronic engineering
  • Corrosion control installation
  • Control panels, electric
  • Generators
  • Corrosion - protection
  • Electrical Works Planning
  • Electrical work


Photo of Company Manager

Ofer Etzion

Co-CEO ,Owner

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Company Registration Number 510540685


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