Ramat Negev Winery

Established 1983

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יקב רמת נגב

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[email protected]
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Moshav, NITZANEI SINAI 8551300
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ימים א'-ו' בתיאום מראש בלבד.
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Ramat Negev winery was established by Nira and Alon Zadock since 2000 on the family´s agricultural plot on moshav Kadesh Barnea (Nitsanai sinai ) in Ramat Hanegev.

 The winery is distinctive in that it is the only boutique winery whose vines are grown in a dry desert region.

The winery is located in a roofed structure which includes all the latest wine technology to carry out the processes of pressing, fermentation and aging in American and French oak wood barrels.

Ramat Negev winery is a “green” winery and thus, committed to preserve the desert eco-system of the soil-water-air, all the way from the vineyard to the winery. The vines which grow in sandy and loess soil with controlled irrigation and fertilization benefit from accelerated growth and are among the first to yield fruit in Israel.

All the members of the family work and admire the vineyards and winery: growing grapes, producing wine, managing, advertising in marketing and sales. The wines are also receiving enthusiastic reviews overseas.


The Wines

In its present format the winery produces 120,000 bottles

All the wines of Ramat Negev winery carry the essence of the desert into the bottles.  The wines are Kosher Lemehadrin.


Kadesh Barnea series - The line includes  wines from the varietals

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Negev (blend), Gewurztraminer and Rosé.


Neve Midbar series - The Reserve series is produced from the highest quality grapes growing in the vineyards of Kadesh Barnea and the farms of Har Hanegev. This Reserve line includes Midbar

Adom (red) and Midbar Lavan (white), Souvignin blanc


Ramon Single Vineyard series - The Premium series of the winery.Every year the winery chooses the vines which are marked with the best and most interesting fruit. Includes Petit verdot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot , Malbec  and Port style wine.


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  • Wineries
  • Marketing of agricultural products
  • Alcoholic Beverage And Beer
  • Enrichment Classes
  • Growing grapes
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  • Wines, brandy, and brandy drinks
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  • Liquor Stores


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  • Crop preparation services for market
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Executives working in Ramat Negev Winery

Alon Zadok

Alon Zadok

Business Owner
Nira Zadok

Nira Zadok


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