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ח. י. אלקטרוניקה ורכיבים בע"מ

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H.Y. Group Is one of the leading groups handling the importing and marketing electric appliances, computerization, electronic entertainment, communications and components. The Group operates through a number of companies, amongst which: H.Y. Electronics & Components Ltd., H.Y. Components Ltd., H.Y. Service & Logistics Ltd., H.Y. Components Ltd., Electrodan Trade Ltd., Cinodan Ltd,  Best Mobile Ltd., H.Y. Smart Solutions Ltd., and Shalter Appliances Outlet. Among the many brands that H.Y. Group markets in the fields of electronics and electricity are: LG, ARISTON, Bellers, Hisense, Gorenje, QUE, Seagate, SanDisk and more.

The company employs over 400 employees. H.Y. Group offices are located in Kfar Saba and the Logistics Center is in the Airport city.

Marketing Electrical and Electronic Products

H.Y. Group’s vision is to lead the Israeli market by marketing advanced, state-of-the-art electric and electronic products. As part of this activity, the Group imports, markets, distributes and provides services for leading brands such as:

  LG - H.Y. Group is the official importer to Israel of LG products in the field of Television screens, Computer monitors, Audio-Video entertainment systems (AV) and Digital Signage.

  SanDisk - Flash technology storage manufacturer - disk-on-key, memory cards for cameras and mobile devices, MP3 / MP4 music players and SSD drives for the PC industry.

  QUE - Manufactures a wide range of tablets, karaoke speakers, road cameras and computerized / electronic products.

  Ariston - The Italian electrical household appliances manufacturer is renowned worldwide as a leading brand that makes our lives simpler and more convenient. The emphasis is given to products which are designed to be user- friendly and economical.

  Bellers - An Israeli brand for electric products for more than 50 years since it was established. Among the Bellers products: washing machines and dryers, dishwashers, ovens, stoves, refrigerators and freezers.

  Hisense - The giant Chinese company that produces household appliances, including freezers, refrigerators, and tablets.

  Gorenje - A leading Slovenian brand for household appliances, and has for over 60 years been representing products incorporating unique and advanced technology alongside exceptional and meticulous design by some of the best top international designers, including Karim Rashid, Swarovski, Ora-ito and Pininfarina.

  Seagate - A worldwide storage solutions leader of information and magnetic hard drives. Seagate manufactures a range of portable drives to end users and internal drives to industrial consumers, amongst which SSD and HDD drives with a variety of storage capacities.

  HGST (Formerly: Hitachi Global Storage Technologies) - Manufacturer of a wide range of data storage solutions, discs for industry and magnetic hard drives.

Service and Support by the H.Y. Group

The H.Y. Group perceives warranty support and excellent service as beings of supreme value. Through H.Y. Service & Logistics Limited, the Group operates an extensive service network for the products it markets. The servicing array includes dozens of qualified technicians, a main repair laboratory in the Logistics Center at the Airport City, and dozens of collection points across the country operating under Service Agreements with the Company. Additionally, the Company operates a Customer Service Telephone Center which is open six days a week. H.Y. Service & Logistics operates in the provision of maintenance and repair services to external entities.

Electronic Components
The H.Y. Components Ltd. Company operates in the Israeli industrial and high-tech market, and supplies organizations and companies with a wide range of electronic components, as the representatives of a variety of leading labels such as: SanDisk OEM, Hynix, Seiko, HGST (Hitachi Global Storage Technologies), Seagate, NDK, sTecc, Virident, Transcend, Nanya, ATP and more.

In addition, with the acquisition of G. H. Capital, H.Y. Components now offers customers electronic components of three families - active, passive and electro-mechanical – made by all of the world’s manufacturers, thanks to the long-standing activities they have conducted with all of the global distributors. The company also offers optimal solutions for pricing and quick supply for obsolete items and so forth, to all manufacturers of electronic components.

Retailing in the Cellular field - Best Mobile

Best-Mobile is the biggest cellular and Gadgets private chain store in Israel.

In 2011, Best Mobile acquired following a window of opportunity created by the communication revolution reregistered under the name of Moshe Kahllon.

Best-Mobile has 35 stores nationwide and will open seven more by the end of 2015. The stores are located in the popular malls and shopping centers in Israel.

Best Mobile is the only chain store in Israel that specializes in cellular and related products. In its stores, there are a variety of over 120 Cell Phones, 5,000 accessories and advanced Gadgets.

The chain store has 150 employees and will employ 60 more during 2015.

Lighting Solutions

The H.Y. Group established the H.Y. Smart Solutions Ltd. during 2013, a company which provides customers with a fully-comprehensive response to different lighting projects. The company’s services include design, integration and implementation of a variety of projects for its customers in the field of LED lighting.

Retailing in the Appliances field

Shalter Appliances Outlet was established in 2013. The chain store sells electronic products from worldwide leading brands. Some products were on display, others’ packing was opened, and some are new net-import products with full warranty by authorized importers. Same day sales are made so the costumer is provided with the products immediately upon purchase. The store offers consumers the market’s leading brands in the electrical and appliances field in low cost prices.

Fields of Activity

  • Electrical Appliances
  • Electronic Components
  • electronics
  • Computers - Multimedia Systems
  • Electrical Appliances - Refrigerators And Freezers
  • electricity and electronics
  • Lighting - Light Bulbs, Emergency Lamps And Accessories
  • Lighting - Lighting Bodies, Equipment And Wiring
  • Home Video And Audio - Equipment
  • Handyman
  • dishwashers technician
  • Washing machines and dryers
  • Sound amplification systems
  • Amplification events
  • Calibration And Approval
  • Research and development
  • Repair Appliances
  • TV technician
  • Computer Peripherals
  • Computer Services
  • Computers
  • Lamps and chandeliers
  • Retail
  • Household appliances
  • Household furniture
  • General Communication
  • Cell phones
  • Cellular Labs
  • Audiovisual equipment
  • Electrical & Electronics Stores
  • Televisions


  • Electronic components
  • Electronic parts
  • Multimedia systems
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Area and sports luminaries
  • Television receiving sets
  • Household appliance repair services
  • Sound equipment, electronic
  • Microwave ovens
  • Product testing laboratories
  • Electrical repair shops
  • Computer peripheral equipment
  • Dishwashers
  • Lighting, lamps, and accessories
  • Ceiling systems, luminous
  • Emergency lighting
  • Cellular telephone services
  • Lighting maintenance service
  • Cooking and beking ovens
  • Television sets
  • Washing machines

Executives working in H.Y. ELECTRONICS & COMPONENTS LTD

Yossi Sarudi

Yossi Sarudi

Owner and Chairman of the Board
Itzik Chen

Itzik Chen

Deputy Chairman, CEO H.Y. Service and Logistics Ltd.
Yariv Ben Nissan

Yariv Ben Nissan

Photo of Company Manager

Dafna Zamir, Adv.

Legal Advisor
Photo of Company Manager

Moshe Daniel

CEO Sinodan Ltd.
Photo of Company Manager

Ohad Vizel

CEO H.Y. Components Ltd.
Photo of Company Manager

Guy Reuven

CEO H.Y. Retail
Photo of Company Manager

Itai Hochberg, Adv.

CEO H.Y. Real Estate
Photo of Company Manager

Guy De-Picciotto

CEO H.Y. Electronics Ltd.

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