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אס קי הנדסה ופרויקטים בע"מ

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SK E&P Ltd. is a leading company that specializes in construction, and management of process manufacturing projects, including all types of process piping, mechanical systems, prefabrication, on-site assemblies, process equipment installation, steel structure, and industrial concrete works. Installation and support for new systems and repairs and upgrades for existing ones for all types, for all process fluids and in all pressure and temperature ranges.

SK maintains Israeli contractor classifications of B5 (unlimited) in field 260 (process piping, sewage, water, and drainage) and A4 in field 150 (steel structures, pipe rack), and its own clean room in Bar-Lev, which serves as a prefabrication workshop for high-purity piping, which was approved and certified by Intel, according to the international standard for clean rooms of up to class 1&10.

SK’s clienteles include leading Israeli and global private, public, and governmental companies, including Intel, Siemens, IDE Technology, Shikun & Binui, Sadyt, Tnuva, refineries, and Galam.

SK Group constantly implements new ESG technology, and meticulously handles safety matters, with zero safety issues over recent years.SK employs about 250 permanent and 80 temporary employees, who are viewed highly and work according to strict procedures of maintaining dignity and employment regardless of gender, race, and religion.

Perpetual Growth

The company recently moved to its new complex in the Bar-Lev Industrial Zone in an investment of NIS 40 million, which includes 3,800 sq.m. upon 10 dunams., including a logistics center, a manufacturing facility, and an office building. The complex expands the company’s process equipment manufacturing, for large-scale projects, and its export activities. The company runs an innovative production quality control system and works according to a cutting-edge BIM planning system, and had a long-term Tool Install contract with Intel Corporation, is a qualified contractor of INGL for building PRMS, and works with various Israeli institutes. SK recently signed a JV Agreement with EnerMech, owned by the second largest private equity firm ‘The Carlyle Group’, and is an international company that works in over 40 countries and hires over 6000 employees worldwide. The JV is called “SK EnerMech Israel”.

3 Decades of Multidisciplinary Vision

SK was established IN 1994 by Samir Khoury, who maintains 15 years of experience as a planning engineer and project manager in the process and heavy metal industry, and led the company to become of Israel’s leaders. SK E&P is part of SK Group. Another sister company, SK Energy, invests and owns energy properties, like natural gas-based power plants, and was in partnership with Dalia Energy.

Multi-Disciplinary Process Piping Operations

SK E&P operates in all process industry fields, including power stations, semiconductors, high-purity piping, water treatment and desalination, food and dairy, pharma, oil refineries, and atmospheric gas production. The company specializes in converting factories to natural gas use, for energy saving and emissions reduction.

The company executes turnkey projects as an EPC contractor, including designing and foreign procurement, prefabrication, execution of mechanical system and process piping, buildings and constructions, production and installation of required mechanical equipment and maintenance of plants and factories, meeting strict technical requirements of complex manufacturing and development processes, and emphasizing site safety.

International Operations

Desalination Facilities in Cyprus: Construction of three desalination factories, including a 45M cubic meters/year facility in Limassol - piping systems construction, equipment installation, commissioning, and partial design. The company exports systems and equipment abroad, which is due to expand following the completion of the new manufacturing facility.

Prominent Executed Projects

The Alon Tavor Power Plant: A co-generation power. SK E&P served as the main contractor of Siemens, building the entire mechanical systems, piping BoP, HRSG, ACC, the gas and steam turbines and all insulation works.

Intel, Construction of the new FAB38: One of the largest mega-projects in Israel, executing numerous projects, including the use of an Off-site Manufacturing Process.

Sorek Desalination Plant 2: The largest desalination plant worldwide, 200M cubic meters/year facility. The company executed the production and installation of an RO systems project, the largest worldwide. The work includes super duplex piping, pp piping, electricity, equipment and control, and steel structure. The units are manufactured at the company’s factory and headquarters by OSM, SK executes installation and erection of the boilers, and executing prefabrication and installation of all Poly-Polypropylene Piping.

Ashdod Desalination Plant: One of the largest desalination facilities in the Middle East-finalized construction of the piping & mechanical systems and piping and most of the construction and designing some of the facility’s numerous systems.

Intel, Water, and Wastewater Treatment Facility: As the main contractor of the EPC (MWHSB) in Intel executed and is executing all mechanical and piping works, insulation, and most of the construction and planning.

Intel, Clean rooms: A long-term project vis-à-vis Intel, planning and executing prefabrication for clean piping at its workshop and constructing in Intel’s production halls.

Maxima Factory: Building Maxima Factory, one of Israel’s largest atmospheric gas production facilities, including all piping systems, constructions, equipment, and commissioning.

Paz Haifa Refinery: Prefabrication and construction of process piping. Fuel and special material and various gases. Pre-fabrication and on-site installation of storage tanks of various sizes.

Paz Haifa Refinery Shutdown: Dismantling, prefabrication, and installation of the Steel structures and piping systems, within 45 days.

Carmel Olefins’ Expansion: One of Israel’s largest petrochemical factories – execution of mechanical systems, all types of piping and constructions, prefabrication, and installations.

Paz Refinery Ashdod: Construction and execution of the mechanical array and piping for the power station.

Sorek and Palmahim Desalination Plant: Execution of prefabrication and erection of the SMO & SD pipelines systems, and mechanical installation works.

Long-term agreements: SK has long-term agreements with Siemens, Intel, Bazan, Tnuva, and Galam.


Fields of Activity

  • Clean Rooms - Supply And Equipment
  • Construction And Residential Contractor
  • Machinery Pipe Construction
  • Railway equipment and construction engineering building
  • Waste Water Purification
  • industrial Machinery and equipment
  • Contracting and infrastructure building
  • Industrial Buildings - New Construction
  • Heavy Construction Contractors
  • Industrial Plant - Construction
  • Machines for the food industry
  • Industrial Piping / Plumbing
  • Retail
  • Chemicals
  • plumbing
  • Gas Transmission And Distribution
  • Pneumatics
  • Pressure Pipes
  • Industrial valves
  • Metals
  • Valves And Control Valves
  • Pipeline Conduction
  • Pipes and Fittings


  • Machinery Pipe Construction
  • Desalination plants
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing plant construction
  • Industrial plant construction
  • Food plants
  • Industrial Pipes
  • water Desalination, purification, improvement
  • Pipelines, natural gas
  • Pressure Pipes
  • Pipelines

Executives working in SK ENGINEERING & PROJECTS LTD

Samir Khoury

Samir Khoury

CEO & Owner
Ibrahim Abo Rahmi

Ibrahim Abo Rahmi

COO & Director of Project Execution
Yosef Khoury

Yosef Khoury

Director of Engineering & Business Development

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