Shaly Sella, Adv.

Established 1998

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Sela Sheli

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שלי סלע, עורך דין

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46 Rothschild, RISHON LEZION 7526905
Shaly Sella, Adv.

Shaly Sela Law Office

Shaly Sela Law Office specializes in real estate law, particularly in tenant eviction lawsuits. Over the years, the office has gained extensive experience in handling tenants who refuse to vacate the property and violate the lease agreement, causing emotional distress and financial damage to the apartment owners. To prevent the accumulated damage, the office usually submits an eviction lawsuit within 24 hours, resulting in a relatively fast verdict, of between one month and 60 days from the moment the claim is delivered to the tenant. The office accompanies its clients throughout the entire legal process until its successful conclusion - obtaining the keys and receiving back the apartment as agreed upon in the contract.

The firm provides services for various situations of lease contract breaches, including failure to pay rent on time, failure to pay taxes to the housing committee, declined tenant's checks by the bank, evasion of responsibilities, and blocking communication with the property owners, among others.


Eviction of the tenant in execution and a separate compensation claim

In cases where the tenants do not vacate the property despite a court order, the office submits an eviction demand to the execution office, giving the tenant a 20-day notice for eviction. After this period, the eviction is carried out through execution agents, and if necessary, by police officers from the Israel Police, to prevent physical resistance from the tenants. This means that in this process the tenant can be approached after approximately 30 days from the initiation of the enforcement case and only 20 days from the delivery of the warning.

In situations where tenants cause damage to the property and its contents, the office allows the filing of a separate damages claim, as the eviction lawsuit deals exclusively with removing the tenant from the property.

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