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ל. אשל שירותי מזון (1989) ירושלים בע"מ

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67/207 Hayarkon, BNEI BRAK 5120613
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The L.Eshel Group, founded in 1989, consists of two companies: L.Eshel Food Services Jerusalem Ltd. and L.Eshel Catering and Events Today it is considered one of the three leading companies in Israel in the institutional catering market. The group, by the Zelikovich family for over three decades, is a family business that emphasizes high-level quality, uncompromising professionalism, and maximum availability to the customer.

L. Eshel Jerusalem Food Services Ltd

Since it was founded, L. Eshel Food Services Jerusalem Ltd. has specialized in institutional catering for large, leading, and well-known companies in the Israeli market, among them: the Electric Company, Ashdod Port, the Aerospace Industry, Paz, Elbit, Cisco Jerusalem, and others. In addition to the freshness of the food, its quality, and taste, the company reflects its familial character, in the homey dining experience enjoyed by its customers. As the meals are prepared in the kitchens of the company's customers’ kitchens in the workplace itself, the employees benefit from high-quality dishes, healthy and nutritious solutions, and a wide variety of options, including vegetarian options. The company provides a comprehensive solution, which includes the production, serving, and everything related to the meal itself. Customers receive an answer for all meals whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner, buffets, and on-site convenience stores.

L. Eshel Catering and Events

With over thirty years of experience in the field of institutional catering, restaurant management, and event planning, L. Eshel Catering and Events offers its customers a selection of solutions and fully customized catering services. Its clientele includes some of the largest hi-tech companies in the market today, various public institutions, well-known and leading factories, and companies in the Israeli market, such as the refineries, the International Bank, ICA Telecom, NICE, and others. The company emphasizes variety, high quality, and freshness, and accompanies its customers from the beginning of the engagement until its completion.

As part of its operations, the company provides over 40,000 kosher dishes every day, assorted and delicious dishes. The company is managed by a highly talented and experienced team of managers and chefs, who are directly and continuously involved in both building the work plan and providing various solutions.

Areas of Expertise

Along with the company's catering services offered in the meat dining room, L.Eshel also provides additional catering services in the form of cafeterias and coffee carts. In the field of institutional catering, the company offers catering solutions to institutional clients nationwide, providing them with a variety of nutritious and delicious options. Furthermore, the company offers high-level catering services, taking into account the customers' needs and the nature of the events.



Complementary Services

As part of all its complementary services, the L.Eshel company also provides catering solutions for internal meetings, company events, and special occasions, such as family days, national food days, hosting delegations from abroad, and more.


Fields of Activity

  • Food - Ready-To-Eat Meals, Salads, And Sandwiches
  • Food And Food Products
  • Retail
  • Food - Restaurants


  • Caterers
  • Buffet (eating places)
  • Contract food services

Executives working in L. ESHEL FOOD SERVICES (1989) JERUSALEM LTD.

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Itzhak Zelikovitz

General Manager
Yaron Fisher

Yaron Fisher

Sharon Zelikovich

Sharon Zelikovich

Operations Manager

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