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יובל פלדה - משרד עורכי דין ונוטריון

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5 Hatidhar, RAANANA 4366507
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The firm under the management and direction of Yuval Plada, Adv.  (having many years of seniority and experience since 1997) currently includes a team of lawyers specializing in the various areas the firm engages in, interns, and an administrative staff, and provides legal services in the areas of civil and commercial law.

In the commercial field the firm engages in various issues, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, investors representation, corporation counseling, corporate law, commercial contracts of all kinds, liquidations, founders agreements, company and partnership foundation, receivership, buying failing companies while emphasizing aspects of taxation, and providing expert's opinions in the fields of finance, banking, taxation and holding structure, consulting large and small and private businesses, commercial litigation, and the like.

The firm is working in cooperation with legal firms overseas while cooperating in various fields in Israel and worldwide, and representing both local and foreign clients and investors.

In the field of realty and real estate the firm engages, inter alia, in providing advice and counseling to entrepreneurs and contractors in real estate projects, real estate transactions of various types, purchase and sale transactions, lease agreements, urban renewal (building reinforcement, gentrification, etc.), real estate litigation with an emphasis on the area of construction defects, in representing both builders and developers, various types of professionals in the construction and sector, and tenants/buyers and more...

Yuval Plada, Adv. and the firm's staff have proven reputation with regard to the areas in which the firm engages, and complete representation of the firm's clients in the various legal issues required. Beyond the extensive legal knowledge, all the firm's lawyers have the profound understanding and business perspective required to provide every client with the most professional and suitable legal services.

Yuval Plada, Adv. holds a notary license, issued by the Ministry of Justice, and provides notary services in both English and Hebrew. 

As a firm that also provides legal services in commercial areas, real estate and notary services, we provide our clients, along with current legal requirements, the most professional linkage between the different areas.

As a firm that believes in personal service and profound familiarity with the client, we accompany the client throughout the way in a personal and close manner. We learn each case, down to its smallest details, in order to ensure that work is carried out in the most professional way possible, and achieves the best possible gains.

Yuval Plada  - Law Firm specializes in representing business and private entities before all the various courts, including civil courts, the Supreme Court, administrative affairs courts, local affairs courts, and representation before all the judicial tribunals relevant to the fields the firm operates in, such as appeal committees, the Commissioner of Land Registration, arbitration and mediation.

In early 2016 the firm established a new department that deals with family law in order to complete the range of services provided to the firm's clientèle. The department is led by a lawyer specializing in family law, and allows clients requiring services in the area, a complementary angle in the aspect of family law and personal status alongside business and commercial perspective. The department handles all various types of family-dispute resolution before the various courts, including mediation conflict resolution, divorce proceedings before the family court and the rabbinical courts, prenuptial agreements, wills, inheritances and estates, family wealth management and transfer of capital within the family and to the next generation, while examining the needs and aspects related to family laws, alongside business/commercial perspective.

In order to achieve the best results, we place great emphasis on designing the strategy after thoroughly learning the entire material relating to the specific issue, while thinking together with the client, and establishing a legal and commercial strategy, while understanding the client's needs in the various aspects.

Yuval Plada, Adv.  is a certified mediator, licensed by the Bar Association, and acts, inter alia, as a complainant in the Disciplinary Court of the Bar Association, as part of his volunteering work and community service.

We believe in personal service and profound familiarity with the client, accompany the client throughout the entire way, and provide ongoing advice concerning all the legal aspects relevant to the client.

Thanks to the professional standards, love for the profession and comprehensive service provided to each client, our firm gains its successes in the field.

We will be happy to assist and service you.

Fields of Activity

  • Law Firms
  • Lawyers & Advocates
  • Bankruptcy Lawyers
  • Family law attorney
  • Real Estate Attornies
  • Lawyer Wills
  • Lawyers Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Lawyer Commercial
  • Lawyers Litigation
  • Notaries
  • Law Offices / Lawyers - Receivership And Liquidation
  • Attornies companies


  • Law office
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Lawyers - Execution / receivership / bankruptcy
  • Divorce and family law
  • Banking Law
  • Real estate law
  • corporate law
  • Contract Law
  • Will, estate and trust law
  • Legal services - mergers and acquisitions
  • Commercial law
  • Corporate law
  • International Commercial Law
  • Legal services - litgation
  • Notary
  • family law
  • Real Estate Law and Real Estate
  • Antitrust and trade regulation law
  • Bankruptcy referee
  • Corporate, partnership and business law

Executives working in YUVAL PLADA - LAW OFFICES & NOTARY

Yuval Plada, Adv. & Notary

Yuval Plada, Adv. & Notary

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