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AB Anat Biran Law Offices

Nowadays, Anat Biran, Law Firm is renown as one of Israel's leading planning, zoning and real estate law firms and among the top five boutique firms. The firm was founded in 2009 by Adv. Anat Biran and since then it gained numerous clients, which have been accompanying it for a long time. In its overall service offering, the firm focuses on real estate law, planning and zoning, environmental law, and also in administrative and municipal law. Adv. Biran and the firm's team are involved in numerous projects and accompany quite a few legal cases, some of which are considered to be particularly complex.

The firm's clientele includes land owners, contracting companies, public and governmental companies, authorities and also residents and apartment owners. Each of the clients receives highly professional, personal and precise treatment, while utilizing the vast knowledge that has been accumulated by the team, as well as its experience, creative thinking and high capabilities in these fields.

The Firm's Practice Areas

·         Accompanying Planning Proceedings: The firm offers services for the facilitation of planning proceedings – promoting zoning plans, and it specializes in accompanying plans of varying types and level from end-to-end, including during the plan preparation stages, the approvals stages, drafting the necessary documents and more. The firm also represents its clients in objection proceedings and in discussions before the various authorities and the courts. Anat Biran, Law Firm's skilled and professional team handles construction permits, construction licensing proceedings, prepares legal opinions and represents clients before planning and zoning appeal commissions and the relevant planning institutes.

·         Urban Renewal, Pinui Binui and Tama 38: the firm supports in all of the legal aspects of urbane renewal and Tama 38. It represents its clients in such projects, from their initial stages – getting the signatures of property owners, through their representation vis-à-vis the institutes which relate to various proceedings. The firm provides legal support for house committees and residents who wish to participate in Tama 38, urban renewal or Pinui Binui projects and supports in the negotiations and contracting with the initiator.

·         Compensations and Betterment Charges: In the framework of its comprehensive service offering, the firm offers legal representation services in cases of damage claims and betterment charges claims. Whether if the case involves expropriation compensation claims, devaluation or appeals on various proceedings, including betterment charges, the firm provides the clients with the precise required solution vis-à-vis various entities, including appeal commissions, courts and deciding appraisers. In this framework, the firm represents building owners in complex compensation claims on the grounds of devaluation due to the Tel Aviv Preservation Program and also addition clients in betterment charges related cases.

·         Representation in Administrative Petitions: as part of its services, the firm also offers representation for its clients in administrative petitions, in cases of injunctions, Bagatz appeals, development charges related claims and representation before the Supervisor of Lands and in cases of objection vis-à-vis various planning institutes.

·         Legal Environmental Matters: the firm provides professional legal solutions for environmental matters and assists its clients, inter alia, with complying with all of the environmental requirements in order to receive the necessary permits for the project.

·         Representation in Criminal Proceedings: The firm represents its clients in the courts in complex criminal proceedings that relate to the Planning and Building Law and the Business Licensing Law.

·         Legal Representation in Municipal Matters: the law firm offers legal representation in various municipal matters, such as business licensing, fees and development charges and also in all aspects of public tender law and city tax charges.

·         Representation of Sportspersons and Sport Teams: The firm represents the Israeli Basketball Union in the framework of claims in its judicial institutes, represents players and teams of the Soccer Union's institutes and more.

Adv. Anat Biran (Rakam)

Adv. Biran is one of the leading and prominent lawyers in the field of Israeli planning, zoning and real estate law. She was admitted to the bar in 1998 and since then served in various roles, where she gained extensive professional experience and vast knowledge. In 1997, she was appointed to be the first chairwoman of the Tel Aviv District Planning and Zoning Appeal Commission, where she served for 7 years. In 2003, she joined the law firm of Yagnes, Twister, Biran & Co., and 6 years later she retired from it to establish her current firm.

Adv. Biran has very extensive experience in the private and public sectors and experience in managing various planning cases and proceedings alongside in-depth, thorough and broad familiarity with the various aspects of the real estate sector. In addition, she regularly lectures in the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, Courses of the Judges Training Institute, Lahav, Mafam, the Israeli Construction Center and national and commercial entities, various institutes and more.

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