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תמא - תכנוני מס ופיננסים בע"מ

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3 Nirim, Entrance B, TEL AVIV-JAFFA 6706040
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Tama is one of the leading institutions in Israel in the field of taxes and banking support that aims to promote these areas, based on professionalism and aspiration for excellence, innovation and creativity.


Tama advances its goals in its areas of expertise while combining theory with sharing practice-based knowledge. As part of its activity, Tama offers practical knowledge that is the basis of complex tax planning and developing tax strategies for each client, including lawyers, accountants and tax consultants, and accompanies various households and businesses in the field of banking support.


Tama established a tax school

where it trains attorneys, CPAs, tax consultants, directors, office bearers and officials in corporations, students, examinees for certification tests, etc. in the field of taxes. In this framework, Tama manages ongoing professional contact and organizes seminars, conferences, further training and in-depth training in the tax field in every professional forum, including universities, colleges, professional training institutions, professional chambers, schools, institutional bodies and private bodies - where the best tax experts teach in Israel;



Tama is engaged in professional writing in the field of taxes

Consequently,  it develops a relationship with the best tax experts in Israel. Tama is responsible for professional tax publications, brochures, update sheets and books which are distributed to anyone who requests them. The writing emphasizes the practice as experienced by the writers and helps members to make practical decisions within the framework of the current business conduct.


Tama established a tax portal

where it will manage the day-to-day communication with its clients and anyone who wishes to do so. Seminars will be published on the portal, a broad tax forum will be held, members' questions and expert answers will be posted, written professional material will be uploaded, and blogs on tax matters will be opened.

The portal will be used as a wide-ranging tax database and various services will be provided to clients and professionals, including ongoing initial advice and the possibility of receiving personalized tax guidance on all aspects. The experts at Tama publish professional materials on all tax laws, including income tax, real estate taxation and VAT.


Financing, credit and finance solutions.

As part of its activity, it assists households and businesses in obtaining credit and bank financing under the best and most convenient conditions. The assistance is carried out in all matters related to mortgages, commercial credit and ongoing credit for households.


Experts representing the company will provide businesses with financial advice that will upgrade their financial strength. With the assistance of experts in the tax field, clients will be able to receive professional guidance in all stages of implementation in the fields of taxes, financing and credit.

Fields of Activity

  • Brokers
  • Working Capital Financing
  • Business Services
  • Credit companies
  • Non-bank financing
  • Short-term business credit
  • Banks
  • Certified Public Accountants
  • Tax Consultants
  • Investment Companies
  • Investment Consultation
  • Investment management and counselling
  • Management / Business Consultation
  • Bookkeeping
  • Auditing And Accounting
  • Consulting and Organizational Development
  • Economic Consultation
  • Management Consulting Services
  • Financial Management Services
  • Financial Services
  • Credit and discounting checks
  • Law Firms
  • Lawyers & Advocates
  • Credit Reporting


  • Mortgage brokers arranging for loans, using money of others
  • Business services
  • Working capital financing
  • Industrial loan banks and companies
  • Tax return preparation services
  • Investment advisory service
  • Business consulting
  • Auditing services
  • Certified public accountant
  • Economic and financial consulting
  • Banking and finance consultant
  • Planning and managing budget control
  • Financial services
  • Accounting, auditing, and bookkeeping
  • Law office
  • Credit Bank recruitment
  • Financial Planning


Erez Sagiv

Erez Sagiv

General Manager

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