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גולדמן ושות' - משרד עורכי דין

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Goldman & Co. - Law Offices

One of the leading law offices in its field, Goldman and Partners specializes in the taxation sphere, both civil and criminal, including money laundering related crimes. Throughout its work, our firm particularly focuses on professionalism and creativity, in order to successfully handle the various cases and provide our clientele with creative, beneficial solutions.

At the core of Goldman and Partners' approach in dealing with clients, is that "outside of the box" practical solutions are the key to solving problems, in lew of igniting unnecessary feuds and fighting lost battles. All this, of course, is through using every available tool at our disposal and with careful assessment of our clients' needs.

Our firm has many years of experience in handling taxation and money laundering cases, which are considered extremely complicated, as well as representation in some of the biggest cases in Israel, whether ending in court or in outside of court settlements.

The Firms Fields of Expertise

Befitting taxation solutions - Among its different services, Goldman and partners offers a wide array of legal services in the taxation field including income tax, real estate taxation, VAT, purchase tax and import tax, international taxation as well as money laundering, whether civil or criminal. Beyond this, our firm offers consultation and support on taxation aspects in complicated business deals, both in Israel and abroad on all areas of the transaction including: sales rights, acquisitions, joint ventures, structural changes, different investments, real estate projects and more. Our clientele are private people, organizations, companies, corporations and non-profit organizations, and our firm manages the cases throughout the entire process- from the initial planning to the final settlement. Our firm offers our expertise throughout the legislative proceedings in the taxation sphere.

Financial crimes - white collar - Our firm offers legal representation in the areas of money laundering prohibition, tax fraud, financial crimes and white-collar crimes by using its extensive experience and knowledge in the field and in light of its involvement in passing laws and regulations in this domain. Some of the firms' varied cases are ones that include willful disclosure processes, ransom request cases, handling complicated plea bargains, and representation of clients in investigations and criminal legislative proceedings. Our firm has extensive experience in handling these instances, which are considered highly complicated, and require assembling much data and working with parties under investigation.

Amongst the services provided by the firm is the handling of international issues with foreign countries using its knowledge and expertise in the matter of connecting civil elements to the criminal aspect. The firm handles very large cases dealing with the unfreezing of assets, property holding, and asset forfeiture, unfreezing bank accounts, money held by customs and more.

Property and property taxation: Our clients have the benefit of both representation and counseling in all manner and size of property deals, including acquisition groups, conversions, initiative deals, combination deals, Tama 38 and more. Our firm counsels different institutions and assists in negotiations and constructing agreements such as cooperation agreements, acquisition agreements, operative agreements, deal planning and more.

Legal service to financial specialists - As part of the firm's unique expertise Goldman and partners offers financial counsel as well as appearing before the country's sanctions committee both in Israel's Department of Treasury and in the national money laundering prohibition committee.

Legal services in the business and commercial sector: The firm offers its clientele professional counsel in the business and commercial sector, using its acquired knowledge and vast experience on all things tax related in these fields. The goal is to provide our clients with the precise and specific solutions to their exact needs.

Litigation services: Our firm offers litigation services as well as representation in different legal proceedings as well as arbitration and mediation in several areas, both in the civil and criminal fields. The firms' years of experience are an advantageous asset when appearing in court.

Tax Fax - the official journal on all things tax related: as a value-added service and an intrinsic part of the firms' work, we assemble the journal that focuses on tax related news, Tax Fax. With thousands of readers, it is considered the leading and most professional periodical in its field. It includes updates, regulations, rulings and professional articles.

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Yaakov Goldman, Adv.

Yaakov Goldman, Adv.

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Uri Goldman, Adv.

Uri Goldman, Adv.


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