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מוטי זייד בע"מ

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3 Hassan Shukri, HAIFA 3311127
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Moty Zaid Ltd. is one of Israel's longstanding and leading companies and it provides a wide range of appraisal and economics services for government and municipal entities, planning and zoning commissions and institutional and private entities, as well as environmental appraisal and urban-renewal-renewal related services.

Main Areas of Expertise

Real Estate Appraisal: Moty Zaid and the company's team have extensive experience in real estate, with more than 30 years in the field, including consulting and analysis for thousands of real estate transactions. In addition, the company manages numerous appraisal projects and land surveys in the business, planning, agriculture and urban real estate segments, and has vast experience in assessments of compensations and appropriations, Pinui-Binui Transactions, Tama 38, urban renewal, depreciation (clause 197 of the Planning and Building Law), and more.

Project Facilitation and Zero Reports: in a competitive market where there is regulation from the one hand and approval from the financial system on the other hand, there is a need for comprehensive economic reviews of each and every proposed construction project in the market. The Zero Report is the basic economic report in the real estate market, and it provides the developer with an initial data base indicating the project's feasibility, while taking into account revenues and expenditures, and most important of all, a review of its expected profitability. We execute such projects for private developers and also for government agencies such as the Housing and Construction Ministry in the framework of feasibility checks for Pinui-Binui complexes for urban renewal and also for private business entities.

Expert Opinions for the Courts: Moty Zaid, the owner of Moty Zaid Ltd., has dozens of years of vast experience in the preparation of many hundreds of opinions for courts of law. The opinions' strength and breadth are based on his extensive experience and knowledge in every aspect of real estate, planning and zoning and appropriations.  Opinions are also provided for matters of business assets valuations, breakup of partnerships and marital law.

Collaterals and Credit: Moty Zaid Ltd. and its CEO often supports companies, businesses and individuals in the topic of appraisals for the purpose of bank credit and financial support vis-à-vis business, bank and non-bank financiers, and insurance companies.

Appraisals for Betterment Charges: Moty Zaid has longstanding experience and know-how in the area of preparing appraisals for betterment charges for local and district commissions following the approval of zoning plans, reliefs and/or excessive use approvals, and also for the determination of devaluation of properties and/or defending against lawsuits under clause 197 of the Planning and Building Law.

Environmental Appraisals: are land valuations that refer to the environmental advantages or disadvantages which apply to the appraised property. This is expressed, inter alia, when properties are exposed to or damaged from environmental factors such as polluting factories, polluted lands, and damage to nature, land, landscape and air values. In recent years, the environmental appraisal segment has been gaining momentum, and nowadays appraisal opinions even include a mandatory requirement to take into account the land, air, landscape and environment aspects. Moty Zaid has dozens of years of experience in the environmental aspects of property valuations.

Our Clientele

Municipal Entities – local authorities, regional authorities and district planning commissions; Commercial Banks – the Israeli Securities Authority, The Bank of Israel; Israeli HMOs; The Ministry of Housing and Construction; The Ministry of Finance; Various Courts; Planning Firms; Law Firms.

Main Areas of Practice

1.    Preparation of market value appraisals;

2.    Collaterals and Credit;

3.    Financial Project Support – "Zero Reports"

4.    Appraisal Arbitrations and Mediation

5.    Betterment Charges.

6.    Balancing Tables – for lot mergers and parcellations

7.    Valuations for IPO in accordance with IFRS

8.    Planning and Zoning – facilitation of planning in the commissions

9.    Construction of economic models for Pinui-Binui plans

10. Urban renewal – Tama 38

11. Appropriations + depreciation in accordance with clause 197 of the Law

12. Professional opinion for the courts


Center - Tel Aviv: Phone: 073-2807000

North – Haifa: Phone: 04-8584545           Fax: 04-8584466

South/HaShfela – 19 HaUchmaniyot, Rishon LeZion: 054-2274455

Fields of Activity

  • Real Estate
  • Real Estate Actuary
  • Engineering And Engineers
  • Engineering Services
  • Assessors
  • real estate
  • Insurance - Insurance Companies
  • Insurance Assessor, Including Marine Insurance
  • Entrepreneurship / Development Projects
  • Consulting and Organizational Development
  • Economic Consultation
  • Mapping And Drawing
  • Real Estate Consultation
  • Management Consulting Services
  • Contracting and infrastructure building
  • Real Estate Development
  • Projects Management
  • Brokers
  • Urban Renewal


  • Appraiser, real estate
  • Designing
  • Real Estate Appraisal
  • Assessment associations
  • Initiate projects
  • Economic consultant
  • Mapmaking services
  • Real estate consultant
  • Development, Support and Project Management
  • Real estate agencies
  • NOP 38

Executives working in MOTY ZAID LTD

Moty Zaid

Moty Zaid

CEO & Owner
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