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י.ט.ס. מערכות בע"מ

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Hevel Modi'in Industrial Zone 7319900
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YTS is special mission vehicles provider, in the security and intelligence markets, offering comprehensive security solutions, uniquely tailored to the customers' tactical and strategic needs.

YTS’ 28 years of experience in real-life scenarios have enabled a practical and proven solution for a range of applications for military, special police forces, crime prevention and law enforcement.

Main Areas of Activity                                                  

Design, engineering and installation of special vehicles for various missions:

·         Covert, Multi-Purpose Intelligence Vehicles for highly-complex covert surveillance missions

·         Command, Control, Communication & Surveillance special vehicle for multi-purpose operations

·         Observation and Reconnaissance Vehicle - For the full spectrum of video surveillance missions

·         VIP Jamming Vehicles - Radio signal jamming system for the ultimate in VIP protection

·         Mobile Cyber Forensics Lab for real-time, on site access to digital devices

YTS vehicles’ key benefits are:                                  

·         Completely tailored to the tactical and strategic needs of every customer

·         Excellent MMI for maximum functionality, comfort and safety

·         Cost-effective operation

·         Low maintenance 

YTS vehicles are in use by the Israeli government and security agencies, as well as other government, security & law enforcement agencies around the world. 

Other areas of activities:

·         Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

·         Cyber safety - Information and Communication Protection 

YTS' multi-disciplinary engineering teams combine their expertise in professional disciplines including mechanical, automation, electrical and ergonomic engineering together with a sound operational background and experience.

YTS' specialists apply their vast experience to create a comprehensive solution tailored to answer all tactical and strategic parameters of the specific security challenge.

Quality & Standards

YTS’ products, designed for military, security and law enforcement forces, are compliant to all relevant MIL.STD requirements, for quality, engineering and functionality.

YTS' manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Fields of Activity

  • Security and Inteligence
  • Vehicles
  • Car body
  • Equipment and vehicles


  • Production of automobiles for Security and intelligence missions
  • Military motor vehicle assembly
  • Communication Security

Executives working in Y.T.S. SYSTEMS LTD.

Doron Stempler

Doron Stempler

CEO & Shareholder
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Zachi Choresh

Chief Technology Officer & Shareholder
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Tal Berman

Senior Partner & Shareholder

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