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Established 1980

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אמיר ברמן - משרד עורכי דין

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54 Borochov, GIVATAYIM 5322205
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Sun - Thu 10:00-18:00
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The firm was founded by Adv. Amir Berman in 2016.

The firm offers legal services by skilled lawyers who are fully dedicated to the clients and to obtaining the best possible results. The firm handles complex matters, researching legal information in a comprehensive, in-depth manner and providing professional, efficient counsel in all its fields of expertise.

Areas of activity

Bankruptcy Law: Management of cases involving liquidation, receivership and bankruptcy, representation of claimants and defendants in matters of creditors’ agreements during liquidation and bankruptcy proceedings.

Estate Law: Representation of clients (continuous Power of Attorney), inheritance, estate management and drawing up wills.

Banking Law: Representation in financial claims cases against banks and credit providers.

Legal Representation: In all courts of law, local authorities, tax authority, arbitration and mediation in civil and commercial cases, against commercial banks, insurance companies, Israel Land Authority and Social Security.

Civil and Commercial Law: Representation of private clients and corporations in negotiations prior to signing contracts, investment agreements, buying and selling companies, partnership and dissolution agreements, handling civil and commercial law suits, related to other financial matters, ongoing legal counsel to corporations and various businesses on the subjects of franchising, division and distribution, buying and selling equipment, loan securities, founding corporations and providing ongoing counsel on corporation-related issues, counsel for building contractors’ classification requests.

Real Estate Law: Drawing up contracts and handling real estate sales and rental deals, commercial and residential properties, evaluating real estate taxes, submitting claims related to property rights, such as use, possession and evacuation, partnership and building without a permit, disputes related to tenant protection.

Class Action Lawsuits: Representation of claimants and counsel on the subject of class action lawsuits.


The firm’s main objective is to provide its clients with comprehensive legal services thanks to its extensive commercial experience, which contributes significant added value to the clients’ activities, as well as legal counsel with the aim of identifying business risks in advance in order to take preventive measures.

Fields of Activity

  • Law Firms
  • Lawyers & Advocates
  • Real Estate Attornies
  • Law Offices / Lawyers - Receivership And Liquidation
  • Banking Lawyers
  • Lawyer Commercial
  • Legal Services
  • Attornies Tax Law
  • Bankruptcy Lawyers
  • Insurance Lawyers
  • Medical Assistance
  • Tort Law


  • Law office
  • Real estate law
  • Receivership Law
  • Legal services - banking laws
  • Lawyers - Tax Law
  • Antitrust and trade regulation law
  • Legal services
  • Torts
  • Real Estate Law and Real Estate
  • Real Estate Taxation
  • Taxation law
  • Insolvency and Restructuring
  • Insolvency
  • Lawyers - Insurance Law
  • National Insurance Claims
  • Lawyers - Execution / receivership / bankruptcy
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Bankruptcy referee
  • Legacies Estates and Wills
  • Legal services - torts
  • Insurance Law
  • Criminal taxation
  • Banking Law

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Amir Berman

Amir Berman

Founder & Owner
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