Algzal transit station for crushing and recycling Ltd

Established 2008

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אלגזאל תחנת מעבר לגריסה ומיחזור בע"מ

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1 Alras, TAIBE 4040000
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AlJazall – Transfer Station for Shredding and Recycling Ltd.

Experts in handling construction waste and debris, the company serves as a contractor for the disposal of construction, iron, plastics, and nylon waste, supporting the efforts to protect the environment. The company offers a comprehensive solution for businessowners from the construction sector and to industrial factories, farmers, companies, and even private customers. The company recycles, presses and crushes construction waste of all types: iron, stone, aluminum, nylon, and plastic. The company executes the works in accordance with the various arrangements that it has with companies, factories, farmers, private customers and more. The waste can be brought to the company’s site, and the customers can also order a service that includes collection and sorting. The company’s experience, professional service, and fast execution – all turn it into a leader in the field of sorting, crushing, and recycling construction debris.

The company’s skilled and professional team sorts the waste by various categories:

Stone materials are sent to a mega-crusher in the company site and crushed into ready-for-use construction materials.

Iron waste is sold to iron recycling companies.

Nylon and plastic waste is sent to dedicated landfills, or secondary customers which process the materials in accordance with their needs.

The company has a fixed stone crusher and a mobile stone crusher, and the latter enables the company to crush materials in various locations, as required. In addition, the company has a sieve that filters small particles from the crushed debris to transfer them to a landfill. The sieve enables to separate the raw materials for production and construction. The main products of the sorting and crushing process are construction materials for reuse – gravel, concrete mixing materials, soil, unsorted soil for landfilling and construction and more.

Fields of Activity

  • Scrap Metal
  • Waste Collection, Recycling And Disposal
  • Environmental Research
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Paper Recycling
  • Shredding and compressing cardboard and paper


  • Recycling, waste materials
  • Waste disposal contractor
  • Solid waste treatment
  • Recycling Industries

Executives working in Algzal transit station for crushing and recycling Ltd

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Lobne Haj Yehie

General Manager & Owner
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Muhammad Haj Yehie


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Company Registration Number 514150556


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