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כלל ביטוח אשראי בע"מ

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Clal Credit Insurance has been operating since 1981 and it is a leader in the credit risks insurance field in Israel.

The Company provides its policyholders, from all sectors of the economy, protection against insolvency of their clients in Israel and abroad and from losses resulting from non-payment or delays in payment. In foreign trade risks insurance, the Company also provides protection against political risks and it covers credit risks for exporters in more than 110 countries across the globe.

Clal Credit Insurance is owned by Clal Insurance and Atradius Group, which is one of the largest credit insurers in the world, with operations in 160 offices across the globe and covers transactions in an amount of 300 billion euros. In addition to this, the Atradius Group holds an on-line information data base which has data on approximately 45 million companies with a spread across the globe. The successful cooperation with Atradius enables Clal Credit Insurance to provide its policyholders with updated and professional solutions, based on experience and knowledge that has been acquired over its 75 years of experience in the international credit insurance.

Credit insurance

* Credit insurance preserves the item "receivables" in the balance sheet as an active item and prevents it from turning into "bad debts".

* Credit insurance is an efficient tool, which helps your company to achieve expansion and to grow safely, with both new and existing clients, whilst maintaining a low level of business risk.

* An overall and comprehensive credit risks management approach enables your business to benefit from monetary compensation for unpaid debts, to minimize losses and to increase stability and financial strength.

* Credit insurance helps you to be familiar with your clients' payments ability and enables you to offer them competitive payments terms and thus to leverage the business.

* Credit insurance provides you with protection, whether for the short-term or for the long-term.
Based on the credit insurance policy, banks and other financial institutions can expand the credit facilities and financing.

Credit insurance policy provides also legal handling and debt collection services locally and abroad. 

To whom a credit insurance policy is suitable?

Clal Credit Insurance's credit insurance policy is intended for companies, which are interested in protecting their credit transactions against non-payment of debts, on the one hand and to increase their business activity with new and existing clients on the other hand. The policy insures credit transactions for up to one year.

Financing solutions combined with credit insurance policy:

* A financing solution that isn't part of the company's banking credit lines.

* Expansion of activity and support for the growth of your business.

* Improving company’s working capital.

* Improving financial ratios.

Improving trading terms with suppliers in Israel and abroad.

Service and professional supportA range of covers we provide:**

Credit insurance for goods and services in the local market

Clal Credit Insurance insures trading and services activities for Israeli companies that are well known in the domestic market, and the Company's policyholder's benefit from broad data bases, which help them to manage and protect credit risks in a comprehensive manner.

The insurance includes cover for insolvency events and continuous non-payments.

Foreign Trade Insurance

Clal Credit Insurance enables its policyholders to receive data on their existing and/or new clients, in more than 110 countries, through Atradius' global spread and Clal Credit Insurance's broad experience in insuring foreign trade risks.

Then insurance includes insolvency and continuing non-payment components, as well as protection against political risks.

Expansion of financing sources

The credit insurance policy enables you to diversify and expand company’s credit lines with the banks and with other financial institutions by providing the option of endorsing rights in the policy to the financing entity or by discounting/factorizing receivables. As a result, the financing entity relates to the risk as a secured risk, and the company is able to expand its financing channels and reduce their cost.

Legal handling and collection services in Israel and abroad

When a security related event occurs, when your client in Israel or abroad does not pay as a result of economic difficulties, Clal Credit Insurance will carry out the entire collection and legal handling process.

On-line policy management

The management of the policy via a secured operational website, which enables easy and user-friendly management of the policy.

Credit insurance for small and medium companies

Clal Credit Insurance enables tens of thousands medium and small companies to cover their clients against credit risks included in the trade and service activities in the local market. The insurance is made by friendly on line system which provides your company a great data base, comprehensive coverage for credit risks, the ability to expand and grow with the support of Clal Credit Insurance and of course to expand your financing sources by endorsing rights in the policy to a bank or any other financial institution.

Clal Credit Insurance Ltd.

Tower 8, 36 Raul Wallenberg Street, Kiryat Atidim, Tel-Aviv

For details dial 03-6276333 or contact us by e-mail at: [email protected]


**Joining the insurance is subject to Clal Credit Insurance Ltd.'s discretion and to the terms and conditions of the Policy.

Fields of Activity

  • Credit And Other Financial Debts Insurance
  • Insurance - Insurance Companies
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Credit companies
  • Business Credit
  • Non-bank financing
  • Management Consulting Services
  • Insurance
  • Insurance - Agencies And Agents


  • Credit insurance
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Miscellaneous business credit
  • credit risk management
  • Insurance services
  • Insurance companies

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