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בן אור צפריר - משרד עורכי דין

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A light zephyr - Law Office

Supporting Community Processes

Our firm provides counsel and support for all aspects of community renewal, organization, and management, including tailoring unique solutions for the various requirements of each client, with a broad and balanced systemic view which sees both individual interests and long-term interests of the community and its members.

A strong and resilient community has clear benefits for its members’ life quality and longevity. Our firm focuses on the creation of substantial community anchors, which are customized as to support the community’s needs, including demographic growth and building processes, apartment allocation to members and accompanying all of the ever-changing community arrangements, including long-term care arrangement, members with special needs, military reserve service funds, infrastructures fund and more.

Construction for cooperative members and demographic growth through the acceptance of new members:

Our firm provides regular counsel and support for all aspects of growth, acceptance and construction processes, including the social, planning, physical, funding and legal aspects. The services take into consideration both the relationship with the cooperative and the relationships with regulators such as Israeli Lands Authority, The Cooperatives Registrar,  regional councils, planning authorities, the tax authority, The Ministry of Housing, etc. our firm provides the services both for the cooperatives and for the groups of accepted members. Our firm successfully supported, over the past few years, the construction of hundreds of apartments for existing and new members of Kibbutzim and Moshavim. We are currently accompanying about 20 construction projects for members in the execution and pending-execution stages.

Apartment Allocation (contractual and title by the various decisions of the Israeli Lands Authority), allocation of manufacturing assets and other reorganizations in cooperatives:

Our firm provides ongoing legal counsel and support throughout the complex process of apartment allocation, including extensive attention to the social, planning and legal aspects from the perspectives of both the member/heir and the cooperative. We have vast experience and make maximal efforts to adjust to management outline to the dynamic approaches of regulators such as the Israeli Lands Authority, Tax Authority, planning authorities, Cooperatives Registrar, etc.

Regular legal counsel in Cooperatives Law:

Our firm, as the leader of this practice area, provides ongoing counsel on the implementation of the legal provisions in general and The Cooperatives Order and Ordinances in particular, as well as legal representation in its main Practice areas in proceedings before the Cooperatives Registrar and tribunals such as Bagatz, courts, appeal committees, etc.

Ongoing legal counsel to communities and Kibbutzim

Our firm specializes in various legal services for cooperatives, their members, kibbutz candidates, heirs, and members. These services usually address issues that arise from various structural changes of these populations in recent decades and the challenge of the complex relationships between cooperatives, members/heirs/candidates and the State’s institutes. Additionally, we handle disputes, Kibbutz representation in legal tribunals, business advice, various agreements with service providers, rentals, etc.

Our clientele includes the following Kibbutzim and Moshavim: Givat Haim Ihud, Na’an, Mishmarot, Merhavia, Beit Govrin, Mitzpa, Lotan, Regavim, HaHotrim, Ein Gedi, Nahshon, Ma’ale HaHmisha, Kisufim, Palmahim, Beit Rimon, HaMa’apil, HaOgen, Beit Zera, Mesilot, Givat, HaShlosha and more.

The Firm’s Team                                                                                                  

Adv. Zafrir Ben-Or, member of Givat Haim Ihud. Has about 20 years of experience as a legal counselor, specializing in Settlements. Founded and managed the Kibbutz Movement’s Apartment Allocation Headquarters, managed the legal department of Brit Pikuach, managed the Settlement Department of the Adv. Eitan Liraz firm. Was a member of various committees, an initiator of the Kan Beiti movement, wrote guides about apartment allocation and the renewing Kibbutz, publishes articles in the Journal “Real-estate” on a series of relevant and “burning” issues concerning the renewing Kibbutz.

In 2009, he founded an independent firm specializing in Kibbutz structural changes and strategic processes. He recently joined, with a member of other Kibbutzim, to the movement’s team which handles negotiations with the Israeli Lands Authority on the application of the “Title Allocation” arrangements.

He recently published a booklet called “The Conservative Revolution – Principles for managing Kibbutz Changes”.

Adv. Ella Lauper, grew up in Sitria, was admitted to the Bar in 2011 and afterward started working in the firm.

Adv. Ruth Leshem, born and educated at Kibbutz Ginosar, was certified as a member of the Bar Association in 2012, afterward began working as an attorney in the firm.

Adv. Talia Danieli, lives in Tzur Moshe. She has been managing municipal committees, was ordained as a member of the Bar Association in 2018 and then began working as an independent attorney and later joined our firm.

Ruthi Rosali, member of Kfar Daniel, The Office Manager. Participated in the Apartment Allocation Headquarters operations, worked as a community manager in various Kibbutzim, in the Settlement Department of the Adv. Eitan Liraz firm, and moved with Zafrir to the independent firm he founded.

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Tsafrir Ben Or, Adv.

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