Tsafrir Ben Or, Adv.

Founder & Owner
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Adv. Zafrir Ben Or – Founder and Owner

Son and member of Kibbutz Givat Haim Ihud.

Has about 30 years of experience as a legal counselor, specializing in Settlements Law.

·         Founded and managed the Kibbutz Movement’s Apartment Allocation Headquarters, where the concept that apartment allocation, renewed planning of the Kibbutz Settlement and accepting the sons as members are three combined and integrative elements in the development and evolution of the renewing Kibbutz. Built a work model for Kibbutz apartment allocation.

·         Initiated, managed and implemented allocation and acceptance processes in dozens of Kibbutzim.

In this framework he initiated and wrote two guidebooks on the matter. These became the textbooks for this topic and serve all of the involved parties (Kibbutz Teams, attorneys, architects, government agencies etc.) to this very day.

·         Formulated the model of a “financially independent member” which received formal recognition in the classification ordinances.

·         Formulated the “Arbitration” model that supports the allocation and acceptance processes, which is aligned and supported by the Cooperatives Registrar.

·         Handled all of the planning aspects of the renewing Kibbutz in the framework of formulating the Tama 35 principles.

·         Participated in composing the planning of the renewing Kibbutz (were submitted for the approval of the Principle Planning Matters Committee in April 2016)

·         Served as the legal counselor of the United Kibbutz Movement, including: Professional support for the Kibbutz Definition Committee, that provided recommendations on the basis of which the renewing Kibbutz legal arrangements were formulated. Professional support in the formulation of decision 979 (The original decision prior to the publication of the Koby Habber Report).

·         Managed the Legal Department of Brit Pikuach, where he was responsible for formulating the strategic thought framework for comprehensive reorganization of Kibbutzim.

·         Developed the usage of the instrument “Reserve Funds” – an independent cooperative as an assets-allocation instrument.

·         Managed the settlement department of the Adv. Eitan Liraz firm.

·         Partnered in the founding and initiation of the “Kan Beiti” movement and appealed on its behalf and on behalf of other members in two major appeals against decision 979 (the social and the planning appeals).

·         Regularly publishes articles in the “Real-estate” journal on a series of relevant and “burning” topics related to various aspects of the renewing Kibbutz in all interfaces against government decisions and rulings in topics such as: Israeli Lands Authority decisions, building permits, The State and the Kibbutzim and more.

From early 2009 – operations in an independent firm specializing in structural changes and strategic procedures in Kibbutzim.