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שי קרבצקי - חברת עורכי דין

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Shai Kravetzky - Law Firm, one of the leading firms in the field in the Northern and Western Galilee regions, is a boutique law firm specializing in collective and individual labor law. The firm has been providing legal advice to employees and employers nationwide for many years and maintains a deep understanding of the field's complexity. The firm’s professional excellence stems from its extensive experience, deep knowledge, and personal approach.

The firm's team maintains proficiency in represention and litigation regarding employer-employee relations, including representation in judicial tribunals, workers’ rights, labor wages and overtime pay; severance pay; deterioration of conditions; rights of pregnant women; hearing proceedings; sexual harassment at work; employer exchanges; foreign workers and more.

The firm provides ongoing counsel to employers in all sectors, including expert opinions; accompanying employers during organizing and negotiations for collective agreements' signing; representation in the Ministry of Economy and lecturing employees and managers.


Areas of expertise

Personal Labor Law and Employee Rights

The firm represents employees, including representation in hearings, in claims to obtain rights from the labor court, representation of managers and/or employees in claims for sexual harassment at work, in disciplinary proceedings, wage claims, work on rest days, debt to the pension funds, overtime, recovery, vacation, severance pay, unlawful dismissal, restriction of freedom of occupation and non-competition, recognition of employer-employee relations, rights calculations, equal rights for people with disabilities, discrimination due to sex and dismissal due to reserve service, and represents in legal proceedings nationwide, arbitrations and mediations, provides expert opinions and specializes canceling layoffs and submits restraining orders.

The firm handles company liquidations and employee representation in debt claims, represents in workplace disciplinary procedures, and represents in hearing procedures.

Legal Representation of Companies and Employers

The firm represents employers from all sectors, while formulating strategic recommendations to maintain normal working relationships, drafts employment agreements, hiring and terminating employees, advises during the work period, manages litigation cases in the Regional Labor Courts nationwide and in the National Labour Court, drafts expert opinions, accompanies employers during initial organization and conducts negotiations collective agreements' signing, proceedings before the Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Services, represents in audits under the law to increase enforcement, drafts engagement agreements with recruiting companies and service providers, and accompanies reorganization processes, including downsizing, privatization, and rehabilitation processes.

Drafting Agreements

The firm drafts personal employment agreements, consults before signing employment agreements, drafts confidentiality agreements, non-competition agreements, waiver forms, and manages claims for breach of employment contracts.

Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Work

The firm represents clients in sexual harassment claims at work, employees suspected of sexual harassment, and advises employers and companies regarding prevention of sexual harassment at work and provides external supervisor services regarding investigation procedures for complaints submitted according to the law for the prevention of sexual harassment.

Contribution to the Community

The firm represents underprivileged employees whose rights have been violated extremely, pro bono. Adv. Kravetzky lectures before various legal associations in his field.

Adv. Shai Kravetzky, Founder

One of Israel’s most renowned labor law attorneys, Adv. Shai Kravetzky, founded Shai Kravetzky Law Firm in 2014, one of the premier boutique law offices in the labor law field. Adv. Kravetzky is a certified mediator, serves as the vice-chairperson of the Labor Law Forum in the Haifa District Bar Association and is a member of the Israeli Association for Labor Law and Social Security.

Adv. Kravetzky lectures at seminars, professional trainings, legal courses, and conferences.

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Shai Kravetzki, Adv.

Shai Kravetzki, Adv.

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