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טופ קאר שריון בע"מ

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Top Car Armoring Ltd., owned by Doron Labock, is a company with many years of proven knowledge and experience in car armoring in Israel and abroad.

Our factory is located in the Sderot's Industrial Area, over an area of approx. 2,000 sq.m and the company is an eligible conflict-zone factory.

Our team of employees is skilled and very professional in the car armoring field and we have many years of experience in the armoring of various civilian vehicles in Israel and Internationally, an experience which gained reputation over the years in the form of hundreds of armored vehicles in Israel and abroad.

The company has experience and knowledge in projects of armoring various types of vehicles and in varying levels of armor while complying with international standards (US, EU and Israel), including extensive knowledge in the integration of ballistic material to achieve the optimal ballistic solution according to the vehicle type and the safety aspects of the traffic rules.

The company’s management:

The CEO of the company, Mr. Doron Labock

Has extensive knowledge and experience in the management of development arrays and the manufacturing of defensive equipment and integration of defensive items unto various vehicles.

Mr. Perry Golan

Head of development, served in a series of senior roles in the Shin-Bet including as Head of the Southern Israel Area and head of the Arab Sector, has a broad operational and managerial knowledge that complements the development needs from the user’s perspective, has an Executive MBA.

Engr. Sami Hilleli

Colonel (res.) Engr. with an M.Sc. in vehicle engineering, gained a very broad experience in the IDF in various fields including vehicle armoring, was the Chief Commander of the Experiments and Quality Assurance Unit and Head of the Motorized Systems Department.

Our Certifications and Authorizations

Security Clearance approval from the Director of Security of the Defense Establishment

The Ministry of Defense’s Director of Security of the Defense Establishment approved a Secret Classification for the company and Top Secret for its managers.

Approved Vendor of the Ministry of Defense - the company is an approved vendor of the Ministry of Defense (Vendor no. 0011008980)

ISO-9001 - the company has a quality management certification (ISO-9001)

Supervised by the Defense Exports Control Agency  - The company is registered under the supervision of the DECA for receiving approvals appropriately, and has marketing and export authorizations to various countries in accordance with the procedures.

Supervised by the Israeli Standards Institute - the company is subject to an annual supervision agreement of the ISI.

The company has lab certifications and prototype testing reports for many types of bulletproof armored vehicles that were tested for compliance with the technical spec requirements for a structural change for the installation of armoring in a vehicle of the Ministry of transportation.

Ministry of Transportation (MoT) licenses - the company has a MoT license for the manufacturing of transportation products and special installations (0068) which includes a 6067 license in accordance with the MoT procedure 544.96.

The company has a license for vehicle armoring and technical changes (in co-operation with the importer) from the MoT.

The company has proven know-how and a vast experience in the management of projects for armoring various types of vehicles to varying armor levels, both from the overall managerial perspective and from the technological/ballistic aspect, including professional support in purchasing approved armoring materials.

The company has a vast experience in automotive upgrading and improvements including engineering analyses and the preparation of experimentation testing plans.

Licensed Dealer license

Experience in Similar Projects

The company’s team gained professional experience ever the “Labock Technologies” period and previous projects, many years of experience and hundreds of armored vehicles in the armored trucks and buses segments, armoring many vehicles for export to foreign police forces, an experience which gained a reputation over the years.

Top Car Armoring executed and executes many projects in the current year, for example: the armoring of five trucks (cabin + lifting basket) for the Israeli Electric Company in co-operation with Sig Industries, armoring many money transfer vehicles with the approval of the IDF, armoring UN vehicles: UNRA, EU, UNDP, embassies, The Israeli Government Car Fleet, Television companies, Armored security vehicles for foreign banks, commerce and oil companies, minibuses for passenger transport for the Ministry of Housing and many other diverse projects.


Best Regards,

Doron Labock


Fields of Activity

  • Car body
  • Equipment and vehicles
  • Vehicles
  • Vehicles - Fire Trucks
  • Protection
  • Steel and aluminum
  • Transport equipment
  • International Marine Transportation - Cargo
  • Plastic and rubber products
  • Resins and compounds
  • Forging iron
  • Alarm and security systems
  • Security and guarding
  • Security and Inteligence
  • Hitech
  • Research and development


  • Protected / armored vehicles
  • Protection - Advanced Technologies
  • Armor plate
  • Combat vehicles
  • Ballistic light armor from composite materials
  • Armor plate, forged iron or steel
  • Security control equipment and systems
  • export of protected vehicles
  • Protection of money transporting vehicles
  • Security companies
  • Production of automobiles for Security and intelligence missions
  • Protection against shooting
  • Development of security systems
  • Security and guarding
  • Mobile Personal Protection Kit

Executives working in TOP CAR ARMORING LTD

Doron Labock

Doron Labock


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Company Registration Number 514767029





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