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ווי. אם. תעשיות אלקטרוניות בע"מ

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6 Granit, PETAH TIKVA 4951405
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YM Electronic Industries Ltd was founded in 1988 by Zvi Lombroso and his wife Rachel, and since its establishment has specialized in the development of advanced monitoring systems in the fields of meteorology, refrigeration, and flood detection. The company focuses on the development and production of flood detection systems that allow the detection of all types of liquids, starting with water-based liquids, through fuels, to alcoholic liquids.

The development and assembly processes are carried out by experts and are all performed in Israel. The company is particularly known for the smart sensors it developed, which are considered leaders in their quality and durability and can detect all types of water - conductive and non-conductive, including RO and DI, as well as acidic, flammable, and explosive liquids.


Introducing the Next Generation of Sensors

Lately, the company has been developing the next generation of warning systems and sensors. Currently being developed are sensors that include temperature and humidity monitors, carbon monitors, carbon dioxide monitors, resistance to explosions in risky environments, and a whole lot more. A key aspect in developing the company's array of sensors is the use of current and easy-to-obtain components, as well as the development of a basic model that allows the conversion of existing circuits into new ones. Among the advantages of the company's new equipment are low-energy consumption, the ability to use many sensors on long lines, sensor fault detection, data updating, and ease of operation. All the company's equipment complies with European and American standardization tests, and the company meets the ISO9001:2015 standard.


Customers of the Company

The clientele of YM Electronic Industries Ltd encompasses a wide range of industries, including government offices (the company is an authorized supplier of the Ministry of Defense), high-tech companies, server farms, telecom companies, government companies, hospitals, hotels, research institutions, and numerous others. The company's customers also include major international corporations that have implemented the technologies developed by the company.

Fields of Activity

  • electricity and electronics
  • Electromechanics
  • Electronic Components
  • Electronic Encasements
  • Accessories for analysis, measurement and control
  • Industrial Flow And Liquid Measuring Instruments
  • Flood detection systems


  • Electronic components
  • Temperature sensors
  • Production of flood sensors

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Company Registration Number 511322810


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