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אודליה חן - חברת עורכי דין וגישור

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Odelia Hen, Law Firm & Mediation, one of Israel’s prominent family and inheritance law firms. The firm handles all types of large and complex family cases that have a media profile in light of the clients’ identity as leading officers in the Israeli economy.

The firm’s clientele includes Knesset members, Israeli and international businessmen, senior IDF and police officers, CEOs and owners of leading Israeli companies, as well as A-list-celebrities and -athletes.

During its many years of operation, the firm handled (and handles) many of the cases which received and receive extensive media coverage in Israel, in light of their complexity, the spouses’ status and the public interest in the cases.

The firm’s staff has the required tools and experience for providing such cases with the necessary counsel, strategy and discretion.

The firm’s staff has an expertise in the construction of winning strategies for its clients – “For by wise counsel thou shalt make thy war”, and many of the customized strategies that were constructed for the clients led to win-win arrangements outside of the courts.

The firm has two main branches, in Tel-Aviv and in Zichron-Ya’akov, and they enable it to provide legal representation throughout all of Israel.

Adv. Odelia Hen, Mediator and Notary

Adv. Odelia Hen is one of Israel’s renowned family and inheritance lawyers, in the legal, public, organizational and media fields.

During the course of her vast legal career, she managed and personally handled many of Israel’s major family cases and is recognized and appreciated by all of the judiciary levels.

Adv. Hen serves as the chairwoman of the Israel Bar Association’s Family Law and Rabbinical Courts Forum, and she is one of the founders of the Israel Bar Association’s National rabbinical Courts Committee. She serves as the academic coordinator of the family-oriented national conventions, trainings and seminars for the legal profession in the Israel Bar Association.

She previously served as chairwoman of Israel Bar Association Branch in Hadera for a full term.

As Chairwoman of the Family Forum, she is the representative of the Israel Bar Association in the Knesset in family-related discussions, an active participant in the Knesset’s discussions and committees and involved in legislation and policy procedures which pertain to family law.

Adv. Hen is regularly invited to the major media channels, including the flagship evening news program and morning shows, as a family matters commenter, and she also publishes professional articles on family law. Furthermore, she was accepted as a member of the exclusive Supersona website, which brings together the leading businesswomen of the Israeli economy.

She reports to active reserves duty at the rank of Captain, as a casualty notification officer and a provider of legal counsel for mandatory and career soldiers.

In all of her activities, Adv. Hen emphasizes the importance of balancing and aligning the interests and perspectives of opposing sides. Even though the lawyers represent one of the parties, they must pay attention to and remember that the represented party is part of an integral family unit which, only a moment before reaching the divorce stage and the firm’s ingress, maintained a joint life, with caring and responsibility for the lives of children, while facing challenges and difficulties together. The attention to this issue is particularly important in family law, due to the existence of a “hidden”, unrepresented party, which includes the children; and it is this unrepresented party that deserves the full attention, with the protection of its interests as an ultimate value.

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